1. According to Fraser the Welfare State constructs a “masculine” and a “feminine” identity. What are they? Do you agree with Fraser? (Hint: Masculine: Possessive Individualism, consumers, workers, deserves unemployment benefits, etc. Feminine: non worker, non possessive, no individuals, familial, charity recipients).2. According to Albelda the “workfare program” is not empowering for women, what is Albelda’s argument for saying this (In answering this question, this what “work” is within capitalism: wage labor for a minimum time, with some benefits, and leave).3. Do you think that there is a cultural bias by which men are supposed to be “commodity produces” and women are supposed to be “sex affective producers” (or producers of “care” or “services”)?4.A The following is an excerpt from the Michael Moore’s movie, “Bowling for Columbine” where a “Welfare mother”, goes to a “workfare” program “job” and the six year old was left with the uncle (mother’s brother), got hold of the uncle’s gun, went to school and shot a 6 year old girl. Do you think that workfare, given the low wage, no child care support really helps the welfare mother, or is it as Albelda and Fraser say, merely subsidizing the employer (those who employ “Welfare mothers”)? Watch this before making comments:4B. I understand “employment” as follows 1) Where someone gets paid more than minimum wage that is conducive to life style that is at least adequate 2) Gets some job satisfaction 3) Some benefits at least 4) leave (with pay for medical reasons) 5) Vacations 6) Has some legal recourse in case of some kind of “hostile work environment”Considering the above, do you consider “workfare” (as described by Albelda), “employment” or job? Or is it helping more the employer who is getting federal funds for employing mothers on Welfare?Part IIDo you think that the Welfare system is better or is the privatized loan like Grameen Bank is better where a woman in dire poverty can start her small business? Give one or two reasons to justify your answer.Read the following. Do you think it is not just the Welfare system versus private loans but other factors, like the USA and India are secular democracies, while Bangladesh is an Islamic but democratic nation influences the role of women?(Hint: Remember Jodimon, although has a safety network and out of dire poverty now, yet she cannot get education or rise up a whole lot in class. Her children can get educated. Also, private loans are not stable, once the organization collapses, the loan is gone. Besides it does not break the class system.In Bangladesh there is City bank in the capital, Dhaka, but someone like Jodimon cannot access it. Think if the poor in the U.S. in better off. This is what Munck means by saying that the poor are “socially excluded”. )Kanyasree Program is a State sponsored program in India. Here is the link:https://ift.tt/0cGm3n8 Bank is a privatized loan system, where women get small loans to start their business. In this kind of loan, the creditor has to give back the loan with small interest. This system has no State backing and does not give people opportunities for education).Compare the following and give one or two reasons which system, the privatized loan to start a small business or the State system of facilitating the poor is better:1. The USA Welfare system.2. The Grameen Bank of Bangladesh3. Kanyasree of India(Bangladesh was born out of the Indian Sub Continent. When the British left India in 1947 and the nation was divided into India and Pakistan (West and East), because the 15% of Muslims did not want to stay with the Hindu majority Indians. So, India became a secular State with a Hindu Majority and Muslim minority, while Pakistan (East and West ) became a Muslim majority and Hindu minority State. In 1971, East Pakistan fought for their independence from West Pakistan because of linguistic differences and the State of Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan) was born. It is Muslim majority, Hindu minority nation. Bangladesh, Pakistan, India share a lot of culture, except the religions are different. Most of the Indian Sub Continental Muslims, however, are converts from Hindus and Buddhists).4. The USA and India are both secular nations with a Christian and Hindu majority population (which somewhat influences culture). Bangladesh is an Islamic State with Muslim majority, and although multicultural, but Islamic influences the laws and culture. The minorities in Bangladesh are Hindus and Buddhists. Do you think the differences in the lives of Tamara, someone receiving Kanyasree, and Jodi is also influenced by their variations in religion and secular non secular states?VideosBowling For Columbine:Grameen Bank Story:Jodimon (GRameen Story):Kanyasree (“Kanya “daughter” in Sanskrit and most Indian languages and “Sree” is glory, beauty, etc:https://ift.tt/VLbxUeO


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