15 ARTICLES FROM PEER REVIEWED PSYCHOLOGY JOURNALS, NEUROSCIENCE JOURNALS, AND COGNITIVE SCIENCE JOURNALS MUST BE USED– ARTICLES MUST BE PEER REVIEWED and used as a main source wherearguments for the essay are made.– ALL SOURCES MUST HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED LATER THEN 2012– The essay is an argumentative theoretical essay in which one will criticallyreview the theoretical arguments and empirical data of relevant existing research, and from that construct an integrative argument as to the most plausibleconclusion that can be drawn from the critical-integrative review.– Critically reviewing the existing psychological theories of wisdom and providing an integrative argument as to what the best overall psychological account of wisdom is.– Watch the three videos 10, 11, and 12 to learn about the theories of Wisdom. Besure to discuss aspects of the lectures and USE IN TEXT CITATIONS! (THIS DOES NOT COUNTTOWARDS THE 15 MINIMUM SOURCES)Video 10: https://youtu.be/RmQHwO5SEgYVideo 11: https://youtu.be/88_8eSc1sm4Video 12: https://youtu.be/7w0MAe0xWxs– You should note how each theory attempt to address how wisdom overcomesfoolishness and affords flourishing. -> discuss this throughout the paperHere is the rubric that will be used for the essay:1) 10 marks for choosing and framing a topic.2) 10 marks for coming up with a clear and challenging thesis.3) 20 marks for critically reviewing relevant empirical research4) 20 marks for critically reviewing relevant theoretical debate5) 30 marks for an integrative argument for your thesis.6) 10 marks for proper APA format, abstract and overall style– AN ABSTRACT MUST BE INCLUDED: This is a brief summary of the entire paper (about 150 words) and there is one sentence dedicated to every argument made. THE ABSTRACT DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE WORD COUNT.– AN INTRODUCTION MUST BE INCLUDED: (200 words) The introduction willintroduce the topic (what is wisdom, what is foolishness, define key terms used in the paper).– The introduction should also include a thesis statement: “Through anexploration of academic literature on the theories of wisdom and the route to overcoming foolishness, this paper illustrates that wisdom is best defined as ________, through a combined perspective of the following theories: _______, _________, and _______.” This statement, with the blanks filled in, MUST be in the introductionparagraph, the entire essay will be written based on this statement.– The first few body paragraphs should discuss the existing literature on wisdom and overcoming foolishness, discussing the literature and then stating what we cantake away from this literature and how it has defined wisdom. Discuss any pros or cons about the article and whether it supports your definition of wisdom, whichyou discussed in the thesis.– The next few body paragraphs should be discussing more of the literature andhow all the literature has led you to your account of wisdom.– The entire paper should have discussed various theories of wisdom and youshould select three theories which you think best lead to your account of wisdom.– each body paragraph should also discuss how the theory’s being discussed orthe literature being discussed overcomes foolishness.– A conclusion of under 200 words must be included which discusses theoutcomes of the paper– All articles must be THOROUHGLY discussed.


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