View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Write a short essay to discuss risk factors associated with Cancer and prevention methodsin the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.According to Globalcan 2020, cancer cases in Saudi Arabia are classified into ages, sexes andseveral types of cancers. With a population of 34,813,867, the number of new cases recorded in2020 was 27,885, and the number of deaths was 13,069. Over the past five years, the number ofprevalent cases was 82,640. The top five most frequent cancers in Saudi Arabia were breast,thyroid, colorectal, leukaemia and cervical cancers among females and colorectal, leukaemia,lung, thyroid and lymphoma among men. Breast cancer in women has increased by a third ofcancer cases, with the median age of diagnosis being 50 years. In 2018, the number of cases forwomen alone was 1,826 showing a significant increase from 19.9% to 30.4% since 2014 (UnitedNations, 2017). The most common breast cancer in women is infiltrating duct carcinoma, 78.7%,closely followed by carcinoma. There was also one case of breast cancer in men in 2014. Thoughnot significantly high, thyroid cancer cases were among the most common cancers in KSA; it isalso increased over the years. Women are the most susceptible in the Saudi population.Leukaemia has declined in females and males but is still a common malignancy in the kingdom.19.3% and 4.8% of cases of males and females, respectively, were seen in KSA in 2019. Patientsaged 20 and below were the most diagnosed with leukaemia (Grontoft O et al. 2015).After thoroughly determining cancer cases in KSA, the trends were ascribed to obesity, low-fibrediets, physical inactivity and substance abuse. The Saudis were less physically active, elevatingthe risk of obtaining breast cancer. Colorectal and thyroid cancers have played a significant partin increasing this cancer over the past few decades. Breast cancer in women around 50 years ofage has been linked to reduced childbirths, deceased in breastfeeding and delayed age of gettingmarried which shows the drastic cultural change in KSA (Grontoft O et al., 2015). Many womenalso neglect mammography and screening, which explains the prevalence of breast cancer inKSA. Some genetic factors can also cause breast cancer cases, especially in Saudi Arabia. Themasses have limited education on cancer and its effects, causing most individuals to realizecancers at late, untreatable stages. The young people have also indulged in drug abuse at earlyages, which is caused the moral decay and adoption of erosive western cultures, slowly claimingthe lives of Saudi youths. The mass media and social platforms have also played a major role ininducing people to use drugs, which is disappointing. The government should filter the contentdisplayed to the citizens to halt dru…


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