Assignment OverviewFor Essay Exam 2 (the Final Exam), choose ONE of the following three writing topics. Whichever topic you choose, write an essay of 900-1100 words.Make sure you have a clear thesis and use a lot of specific examples from the play to develop your essay; you should not use any quotes. Instead, use paraphrasing to offer your textual examples, and try to set up a time context when you paraphrase; for instance, you might say,“After Emilia gives Iago the handkerchief . . . “or “In Act III, Iago . . . .”Be sure to begin with an attention getter and introduction.Remember to organize your essay effectively; keep in mind that each body paragraph should have a single, clear purpose related to the thesis.Outside sources, including Online sources should NOT be used in this essay. You should use only the primary text Othello.OPTION 1: Theme Analysis Love SucksOne of those important topics from Othello is “love.” Write an essay that agrees or disagrees with the following claim related to the topic of love: In Othello, William Shakespeare expresses clear skepticism—a warning even—about the concept of true love; indeed, he seems to be suggesting that love will lead to the downfall of even “good” characters. Use plenty of textual examples to back up your position on this theme.OPTION 2: Theme Analysis The Nature of ViolenceTraditionally, violence is thought of in physical terms, and there is certainly physical violence in Othello. (People get stabbed and smothered, after all!) However, Shakespeare also delves into mental and emotional violence. What kinds of non-physical violence are being explored in this play? How are these kinds of violence treated by Shakespeare? In other words, what does he seem to be saying about non-physical violence? You may consider violence based on any combination of the following: racial prejudice, sexism, toxic masculinity, abuse in marital relationships, manipulation in order to harm people, etc.OPTION 3: Theme Analysis Women’s Roles in the PlayThere are three women in Othello: Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca. Using these three women as a cross-section of Early Modern society, what argument can you make about women’s roles? Do the women reflect Early Modern Venetian stereotypes about women in any way? Or do they go beyond those stereotypes? If they go beyond them, do you think they do so in progressive ways? Create an argument in which you explore Shakespeare’s attitude about women in Othello.Format RequirementsType in MLA Structure:Times New Roman font (12 pt.)double-spaced1-inch marginspage numbers (top right corner)first page header (your name, instructor name, class name, date)an interesting titleNOTE: A Works Cited page is NOT required for this assignment.DO NOT JUST WRITE A SUMMARY OF THE LITERARY WORK. IF YOU DON’T OFFER TEXTUAL ANALYSIS AND A THESIS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PASSING GRADE ON THIS ASSIGNMENT.


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