Assignment Requirements and HandoutsThe assignment comprises a worksheet and a APA-formatted research report. Information for the method and results will be provided for you, but you will need to format it appropriately. The word length for the report will be between 2000 – 3000 words, which will include the introduction, method, results and discussion. Your report will also include an APA-formatted title page, abstract and reference list. (Links to an external site.)Findlay & Kaufman textbook on writing psychology reportsFindlay & Kaufman (2018) 8th edition (Links to an external site.)Findlay & Kaufman (2020) 9th edition (Links to an external site.)The worksheet is worth 30% of the assignment mark (12% of your final mark in the unit) and the research report is worth 70% of the assignment mark (28% of your final mark in the unit).The two parts of the assignment will be submitted via the two assigned Assignment 2 submission links as two individual documents.Assignment 2 WorksheetThe Assignment 2 Worksheet has been released.PSY20006_Assignment2_Worksheet_StudyPeriod1_2022.docx Download PSY20006_Assignment2_Worksheet_StudyPeriod1_2022.docxThe worksheet will be discussed in the Week 7 tutorialIt would be worthwhile to have attempted the worksheet prior to the class, but it is not required.Assignment 2 Research ReportThe Assignment 2 Research Report requirements, starter document, and submission criteria have been released.PSY20006 Assignment 2 SP1 2022 Final.docx Download PSY20006 Assignment 2 SP1 2022 Final.docxThis research report will be discussed in the tutorials in Weeks 7, 8 and 9.The document can be used as a starter document by removing instructions, and replacing the blue text with your own information.Alternatively, you can copy and paste the relevant sections of text (Materials of the Method section and Table 1 and Figure 1 of the Results) into your own document.Suggested references are linked below if you want to get started on the assignmentAssignment ReadingsSome suggested readings for the assignment have been listed below. A more specific prescribed reading list will be made available in Week 6.Robertson, I.H., Manly, T., Andrade, J., Baddeley, B.T., & Yiend, J. (1997). ‘Oops!’: Performance correlates of attentional failures in traumatic brain injured and normal subjects. Neuropsychologia, 35(6), 747-758. (Links to an external site.)Broadbent, D.E., Cooper, P.F., Fitzgerald, P., & Parkes, K.R. (1982). The Cognitive Failures Questionnaire and its correlates. British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 21, 1-16. (Links to an external site.)Dang, J.S., Figueroa, I., & Helton, W.S. (2018). You are measuring the decision to be fast, not inattention: the Sustained Attention to Response Task does not measure sustained attention. Experimental Brain Research, 236, 2255-2263. (Links to an external site.)Jaeggi, S.M., Buschkuehl, M., Perrig, W.J., & Meier, B. (2010). The concurrent validity of the N-back task as a working memory measure. Memory, 18(4), 394-412. (Links to an external site.)Petranker, R., & Eastwood, J.D. (2021). Sitting with it. An investigation of the relationship between trait mindfulness and sustained attention. Consciousness and Cognition, 90, 102101 (Links to an external site.)Shepard, R.N., & Meltzer, J. (1971). Mental rotation of three dimensional objects. Science, 171 (3972), 701-703.Shepard and Metzler (1971) – Mental rotation of three-dimensionsal objects-1.pdf Download Shepard and Metzler (1971) – Mental rotation of three-dimensionsal objects-1.pdfThis file has been uploaded because the link via the Science journal is brokenSmilek, D., Carriere, J.S.A., & Cheyne, J.A. (2010). Failures of sustained attention in life, lab, and brain: ecological validity of the SART. Neuropsychologia, 48, 2564-2570. (Links to an external site.)plus a re-written Table 1 to correct an error in the original paper: (Links to an external site.)


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