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The proportion of students who take the Excel Certification Test (ECT) is low, so the Consulting Team is thinking about adding more perks to get more students to take the test. This course of action is almost certain to be good for everyone involved. In this situation, it is our responsibility to decide whether or not to offer more incentives. Should students take the ECT more frequently, they will be able to get a greater benefit from it. Additional rewards ought to be given to students to get them interested in ECT. This solution is likely to be good for everyone involved.
1. What are the facts of the case?
It is really troubling that such a small percentage of students choose to take the Excel Certification Test (ECT), which is a huge source of frustration. As a result of the low participation rate, the Consulting Team is contemplating the possibility of giving extra incentives in order to motivate students to take part.
2. What are the values and assumptions of the stakeholders?
Values shared by those involved here are likely to include things like the worth of a solid education, the importance of professional certifications like Excel proficiency, and the worth of putting in time and effort to complete the ECT.
The stakeholders have made several assumptions, such as thinking that increasing incentives will improve involvement. The widespread idea that an Excel credential adds value is another good illustration.
3. What are the stakes for the stakeholders?
A low number of students enrolling in ECT classes might have a detrimental impact on the situation’s many stakeholders. This could result in students not acquiring the education or Excel certification that is necessary for them.
4. What are the options?
It is possible to increase student involvement in the ECT in one of two ways: either by providing more incentives or by not providing any incentives at all.
5. What are the potential ramifications that might arise from each choice?
An increase in the number of students who take part in the ECT might potentially lead to improved outcomes for those students that participate in the program. If additional incentives are not offered, children may not participate in the ECT, which may lead to lower levels of achievement for the pupils involved.
6: What are the stakeholders’ priorities and values?
The values and desires of the stakeholders are most likely going to center on the students receiving an appropriate education and coming to realize and accept that the excel certification test will be of great relevance to them.
7. What is the best option?
It is possible to boost students’ use of ECTs by providing them with added incentive. It is quite likely that this strategy will be beneficial to all of the different parties involved.
In conclusion, it is quite probable that better results would be obtained if extra incentives were presented to students in order to encourage them to take part in the ECT. As a result, a greater number of students will take the ECT, and their overall performance will improve.
If more students take the Excel Competency Test (ECT), then more of them will have the opportunity to get the reputable certification in Excel that they have been looking for. If a greater number of students take part in the ECT, then more students will have the opportunity to get the education that they need. Because the ECT is a valuable educational resource, increasing the number of students who have access to it will enable even more of them to gain from it.
Part 3
1. Situation
· Summary of excel problem (ie low completion rate: certification test)
2. Observation
· 2a: Family
· Most students who take this course are year 1 (from 2a statistical toolbox)
· Societal behavior (heavily influenced by your environment) ie family
· Emphasis on exams that matter to your grades which not the official certification test
· 2a: School engagement (voluntary)
· Not have relevant courses that combines with the knowledge to perform in the test
· Not have enough resources or qualified or professionals to teach it
· Not enforcing the certification as the mandatory
· There is no lesson by the school to educate students on the knowledge of the test (ie excel)
· 2a: Self Efficacy
3. Resolution
How does each factor tackle different observation?
· Deontology (Duty; Career Accelerator team; increase students employability , increase in certification increase students employability )
· How does it work
· Benefit ( tackle which observations)
· Limitations (cost)
· Utilitarianism (making it compulsory, making it part of course grade 20%)
· Care and virtue ethics (financial incentivize students, more educational campaign)
· Make student realize the benefit of certifications (how it improve employability)
· Long term solution
Desirable Solution
· Combine two solutions
· Or Implement one solutions first then followed by others
Our aim as consultancy is to discuss the problem of the moment which is determining the reasons and recommendation on the same.
1. The fear of not understanding the excel content is among the major reasons as to why there is low participation in the initiative. Most of the students fear being judged by others for failing in a course or for asking questions in class in topics they did not understand. This will ofcourse lead to a fail in the long run which is their biggest fear as well. So that’s why most fail to continue because of fear of failing and fear of being judged by their peers.
2. Sometime students may feel like they need a break after spending too much time on zoom if the person presenting does not engage them well or the presentation itself is too long. Students also get fatigue if the information provided is not enough before starting an activity. For instance if presenting on the use of adobe software of without letting the students know what kind of information or tools are relevant.
3. Another observation is lack of priority among students. At times students want to participate in training if it is clear that they will benefit from it. With this the low morale, students don’t end up getting to higher levels of the course since maybe they know the future seems dimmed.
4. Most students also lack confidence in themselves. They fear being judged by their peers thus lowering their self-esteem. Self-confidence is very important because it helps these students to speak out in class and ask questions on fields they don’t understand. It also helps them in building their own identity. Lack of confidence result to students who cannot communicate or express themselves which result in low participation on the field
Most of the known business schools tend to grill student to conditions that are not favoring them to pass their exams or courses. Most schools want to their students to read harder which is not necessarily needed in the corporate world which nowadays weighs the successes of life.
One of the things that the schools should do is to provide more information and give adequate feedback throughout the training program. We do suggest that UNSW needs to provide adequate information to learners and give feedback so that leaners can assess themselves on how well they are doing and improve their skills. This should happen at the right time so as to give the students time to retain the information in them more efficiently and help them feel comfortable with the progress made. This feedback should not just be from an instructor but also a person who knows and understand the extent to which different people process information.
UNSW consultant team should be more explicit in testing students excel skill which enable them know what exactly they need in order to excel in an exam. For instance if a student is asked to add a column and then shown on to do that by adding a row, it will easily confuse them as it does not show what exactly needs to be done.
The school should be outspoken about the courses offered. Some of these courses are very difficult and the school needs to be honest and give their students good teaching and environment to go through the same. They must know what they are getting to and how long it will take to complete the course, this will help them in preparing them psychologically on what is yet to come.


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