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 In my healthcare organization we are behind our peers in the advancement of informatics. We are paper based charting and do not utilize computers or electronic health records. Therefor it can be difficult to think of examples of when a nurse informaticist or data technology specialist interacted with any professionals within my healthcare organization. Yet, one piece of technology that comes to mind that we do utilize is an iPad. The iPad is used to get a translator through video chat and have them translate any medical information necessary when the preferred main language is anything but English. For the two years I have worked at this private hospital I have not seen an informaticist come to our facility and reeducate our staff on any new advancements or changes.
            Although electronic health records and computers are not utilized at our facility, I still believe a nurse informaticist would be greatly beneficial. That way there can be a clinical staff on hand that can provide insight on the technology we do have on hand. Such as our iPad, med dispense system, and vitals machines. Currently the best strategy would be adding a nurse informaticist. This would allow for interactions with professionals within my healthcare organization. Batran et al. (2022) stated, “Nursing informatics competency had a positive relationship with clinical decision-making. Thus, it is necessary to enhance nurses’ informatics competency, especially informatics skills and clinical decision-making, by developing training programs about this technology directed to nurses” (p. 547). Simply having a nurse informaticist is a great way to continue to enhance our staff’s competency.
            As the future of new technologies continue to advance it will have a large impact on our professional interactions. The Bryant and Stratton College (n.d.), reported “Data produced throughout health and healthcare is the driving force of informatics and its ability to innovate critical advancements that directly benefit people” (para 2). The progression is leading to advancements that improve patient care and safety as well as the communication between all facets of healthcare. I think as technologies continue to advance; we will continue to see lower rates of communication-based errors. Flynn & Stevenson (2018) said, “Rapid advancement of information systems and technology has the potential to transform and improve the delivery of healthcare. More data and analytic power bring exciting possibilities to enhance the efficiency and outcomes” (p. 31). With enhancement, it is expected we will see predominately positive outcomes. Such as an improvement in patient care as well as relationships between healthcare professionals.
Batran, A., Al-Humran, S. M., Malak, M. Z., & Ayed, A. (2022). The relationship between nursing informatics competency and clinical decision-making among nurses in West Bank, Palestine.  CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing,  40(8), 547–553.
Bryant & Stratton College. (n.d.) What is health informatics & why is it important? https://www.bryantstratton.edu/blog/2017/october/what-are-health-informatics
Flynn, A. J., & Stevenson, J. G. (2018). The future of data, analytics, and information technology. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, 75(2), 31–34.


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