Attached.1Running head: GLOBALIZATION AND OBESITYGlobalization and ObesityStudent’s NameInstitution2GLOBALIZATION AND OBESITYGlobalization and ObesityIntroductionGlobalization is a process and a concept that allows businesses and organizations to carryout their operations internationally. Some of these operations mainly revolve around the importand export of products and services. Some of the factors that promote globalization includedeveloped local economies. Government understanding between and among nations, technology,availability of surplus products, and services. The concept of globalization has applied in varioussectors such as business and healthcare, among others. Obesity is an example of an outcomeassociated with globalization. The prevalence of the health condition has been on the rise leadingto its identification as a significant cause of preventable death. The discussion below gives an indepth examination of globalization in healthcare to identify its role in the development ofobesity.Contribution of globalization in the development of obesityIncreased fast food jointsGlobalization has offered a large number of companies an opportunity to extend theirprocesses, products, and service to international markets. Some of these companies include fastfood restaurants such as KFC, McDonald’s, Dominos, Starbucks, and Subway, among others.Fast food is a significant contributor to obesity in the world (García, 2019). The method ofpreparation is an example of a way that leads to fast food to cause obesity as food is preparedusing large amounts of fats. The cooking process leads to the absorption of fat, which isintroduced to the body when consuming the food. Continued consumption of fatty food foodsleads to the accumulation of such fats in the body. Initially, a person becomes overweight, then3GLOBALIZATION AND OBESITYbecomes obese, is a threat to their health. KFC and white castle are some of the oldest fast-foodrestaurants (Ghosh, 2017). The population of adult Americans at the time with obesity was under5%. Currently, at least 40% of Americans live with obesity, which can be attributed to theincreased number of fast-food restaurants due to globalization.Working remotelyThe advent of the internet has been identified as a factor that has increased the business’sability to operate globally. To reduce costs in running their operations, international companiesoutsource some of their functions to international companies (Costa-Font & Mas, 2016). Othercompanies engage in the gig economy where employees are contracted directly to offer specificservices to an organization. For example, Microsoft has engaged computer programmersallowing them to assess the effectiveness of the various programs and work towards improvingthem. In such a case, people do not have to go to work as they can work form the comfort oftheir homes. High demand for such services leaves a person with little or no time to engage inhealthy behaviors such as exercise (Costa-Font & Mas, 2016). As a result, they end up gainingweight, which eventually morphs to obesity. The development of such a healthy condition can beassociated with globalization in that it has allowed international organizations to engage theservices of employees in offshore countries, allowing them to work from the comfort of theirhome where there is minimal exercise.Globalization and GMOsGlobalization has led to a continued increase in specific products such as food. The highdemand has made it hard for international organizations to meet it driving these organizations toresearch and identify ways that can be used to increase food production to offset the existing4GLOBALIZATI…


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