Pick a potential HB “client” and its online presence. Identify the pain points and happy moments when you engage with them. What about it do you like? What about it do you find confusing/frustrating? What about it contributes to your pain points when you engage/experience it? Propose improvements to its online presence.

A1: Individual report

With the client’s existing site/service, document the user journey. Create a persona who will be engaging/using the site/service. Explore the user experiences. Where do you go and click? What action(s) do you take? When and where do you have trouble finding something or navigating the site? How do you feel, when, and if you demonstrate strong emotion, e.g., frustration, excitement, joy, anger? Apply critical design thinking and future thinking to distill insights for a meaningful user experience (UX) in the HB industry. You may use tools like customer persona, empathy map, journey map, or others.

A2: Group Project – Digital Prototype

Considering the insights you gained from A1, you are to develop your ideas further and build a digital interactive prototype using Marvel & Wix software. What would you present to your client? Would you change the logo? Would you redesign the web/app? Would you allow users to experience the rooms by using VR/AI? Integrate Apple Wallet? Revamp the client’s a web/digital presence – if you have it your way! Be prepared to justify your decisions A3. You will be using tools on wireframing, and prototyping/testing to create the website.

A3: Group Presentation & Individual Critical Reflection

With your website prototype, you are to present it with a compelling story-telling. You can expect your client to be present in your pitch. So, do prepare to sell your ideas and impress them! Your 15-min group presentation should include research data, test results, and an analysis of how to improve. You should expect your client, instructor, and peers to ask you questions at the end of the presentation.

By the end of the trimester, you are to document your critical reflection on your entire learning experience with the module. Individually, you are expected to critically reflect on processes undertaken in completing the Web prototype for the HB challenge brief in a digital portfolio. You should also reflect on your experiences working in a group and how you are developing your leadership skills and other transferable skills like critical design thinking for your future work. You may use any platform or tool to put your critical reflection together. Be creative and compelling!

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