Table 12.1 Body Composition (BMI) in Childhood Participant Age (yr): 5,5 14 14,9 14,3 14,6 14,9 6 14,9 18,1 13,8 14 14,6 6,5 15,2 20,4 13,8 14 15,5 7 15,8 21,4 14,3 14 16,4 7,5 15,4 19,7 14 13,5 16 8 16,5 20,5 14,2 14,3 15,6 8,5 16 21,1 14,2 14 16,8 Age (yr): 5,5 17,2 15,9 13 17,6 15,5 6 17,7 15,7 13,9 18,6 15,5 6,5 * 15,6 13,4 18,4 14,6 7 19,1 16,4 14 19 15,1 7,5 19,2 15,4 13 19 14 8 19,5 15,7 13,5 19,7 14,9 8,5 19,3 16,5 14 21,3 15 Girl 1 Girl 2 Girl 3 Girl 4 Girl 5 Girls’ BMI avg. Boy 1 Boy 2 Boy 3 Boy 4 Boy 5 Boys’ BMI avg. *Student was not measured. highlighted cells = overweight or obese From K.M. Haywood and N. Getchell, 2020, Life span motor development web study guide, 7th ed. (Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics). 9 16,7 22,9 13,8 13,8 17 9,5 16,8 22,8 14,4 14 18 9 20 15,8 13,3 20,3 15,6 9,5 18,8 15,3 13,5 21 15,9 e, 7th ed. (Champaign, IL: KIN 487 Motor Development Week 10 Assignment Form: ‘Body Composition in Childhood’ Dr. Mitchell Your full name: (Please use complete sentences in your answers. Please make your answers in a different font, in bold, or different color). Complete the assignment using this form, save to your computer, and then submit the assignment by the due date. This assignment form has 2 (two) pages. Make sure you submit both this assignment answer sheet AND your Excel file containing your calculations and graphs to ILearn by the due date. 1. Make sure you type in your full name above 2. Using Table 12.1 (Excel) provided in the assignment, calculate the girls and boys average BMI’s across ages 5.5 to 9.5 (total of 9 averages for each sex). After opening up the Excel file, click on ‘Enable Editing’. How to calculate the average BMI’s for each year Click on the box (in light blue) that represents the Girl’s BMI avg. for the age of 5.5 years. A note will appear that reminds you that ‘All the boxes in light blue need to be filled in with the average of each column’. Click on the ‘fx’ button in the formula bar. A pop up window will appear that should highlight the ‘Average’ formula function. Click on ‘OK’. A ‘Function Arguments’ pop up window will occur. With your cursor or mouse, highlight the first column of the five girls, ages 5.5. Then hit ‘OK’ in the pop up window. The average of the five girls, ages 5.5, will appear. Repeat this process for the remaining columns of girls’ data and then the boys’ data 3. Create two graphs on your Excel sheet, one for the boys and one for the girls. Each graph should contain the individual data as well as the averages. Please make ‘line’ graphs, NOT histograms. Make sure your graphs are properly labeled, both x and y axes and titled. Save the Excel sheet to your computer. Make sure you submit this Excel sheet with the graphs, along with this complete assignment sheet. Look at your graphs of the girls’ and the boys’ data. 4. Is there a trend toward an increased or decreased BMI for the girls’ group average? 5. Is there a trend toward an increased or decreased BMI for the boys’ group average? 6. What does your observation tell you about changes in BMI from ages 5.5 to 9.5 years for girls and boys? 7. Describe at least three factors that might contribute to overweightness and obesity in girls and boys. 8. Identify what type of constraint (individual, task, environment) these factors have on the individual’s development or motor performance. 9. How do you think these factors could affect individuals health and motor performance during childhood and adulthood? 10. Which course objective(s) do you feel this assignment relates to (see next page for the course objectives)? REMEMBER: These are the actual course objectives in the syllabus. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Define motor development and related why the concepts are important for your chosen career. 2. Classify, assess, and analyze motor behavior from observation of videos 3. Describe the elements of Newell’s model of constraints and how you can use the model to help you make modifications to help improve motor performance.


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