Case Details:John manages a Symphony Orchestra with one Saturday evening performance per week. Thehall has a capacity of 1,100 patrons per performance. The price per ticket is $10. The symphonyhall has a weekly fixed rental cost of $1,500. The per performance costs are as follows:● Rehearsal costs (one for every series) $4,500● Costs per performance $2,000● Cost of program and tickets $1 per patronRecent attendance at the symphonies has been 900 patrons, which has resulted in a perperformance profit of $100.John is considering three proposals to increase profits by “reaching out” to new markets:Proposal 1:A student ticket priced at $4 sold to college students 30 minutes before each performance on afirst come, first serve basis. Management estimates that it could sell 200 tickets for eachperformance to people who would otherwise not attend.Proposal 2:A matinee repeat of the Saturday evening performance with tickets priced at $6. Managementestimates that it could sell 700 tickets for each matinee performance but 150 of those would bepurchased by patrons who would otherwise have attended the Saturday evening showProposal 3:A new series of concerts to be performed on Sunday with tickets priced at $10. There will betwo performances per week: the regular and the new series. Management estimates that itcould sell 800 tickets per show but 100 would be purchased by patrons who would otherwisehave attended the regular Saturday performance.Address the following elements in your 1-page brief:1. What is the total weekly profit for each proposal? Which proposal should John considerimplementing?2. Discuss the strategic implications for the decision you have chosen. Apart from thedollars are there other factors that John should consider about the option?Content: Your brief should answer the elements/questions identified. You need notanswer them in the order asked, but make sure you address all critical elements. You donot have sufficient space to re-state all the facts of the case, so use the case factsselectively to support your analysis and conclusions. Integrate across courses.● Length: Your brief can be no longer than one page with 12-point font, 1.5 spacing, anda 1-inch margin. Do not submit a longer brief reduced by using compressed type orsmaller margins and headers and footersExhibits: Use exhibits to support your conclusions. Good exhibits include:a. a title and exhibit number;b. clear labels for the exhibit’s components and explanation of the calculations; andc. a brief statement underlying your assumptions.In your brief, you must make reference to the exhibits you attach. Highlight the mostsignificant numbers or facts in an exhibit, but do not use your exhibits to presentexplanations that rightly belong in the brief. Briefs cannot contain more than 3 exhibitsCalculations must be complete and correct


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