Choose a character from a book, movie, TV show, video game, comic book/manga, or any other popular format that is a criminal (this just means a character that has committed crime – they don’t have to be a notorious criminal). The character MUST be fictional (as in, not a real person). For your assignment:A. Explain who the person is. Summarize their background and describe the crime(s) they committed. Do not spend too much time describing the character. Mention just enough so that you can apply the theory to them.B. Choose a theory to explain this person’s offending. Explain the theory in detail. You may choose any of the theories listed below.C. Apply the theory to your character’s behavior. Tell me how your character’s criminal experience fits with the theory you selected.You must go beyond just explaining the character and the theory. You need to integrate the character with the theory and fully explain how the character fits with the theory. Simply describing the character and the theory will result in a deduction of points. The bulk of this paper should be sections B and C (i.e. explaining the theory and applying the theory to your character’s offending). In addition, you MUST cite at least once from the course textbook.TheoriesYou must choose from one of the following theories listed below:• Theories from Classical & Neo-Classical Criminology Chapter:o Rational Choice Theoryo Situational Choice Theoryo Deterrence Theory (includes: Specific deterrence & General deterrence)• Theories from Biological Theories Chapter:o Constitutional Theorieso Biosocial Theories (includes: Gene environment interactions – aka anything from the Biosocial Criminology slide with the bubbles)• Theories from Psychological Theories Chapter:o Psychopathyo Trait Theoryo Moral Development Theoryo Cognitive Information-Processing Theory (can include Script Theory, but does not have to)o Psychoanalytic Theoryo Attachment Theoryo Behavior Theoryo Social Cognition Theory• Theories from Social Structure Chapter:o Social Disorganization Theory (This theory can, but does not need to, include concepts such as: Criminology of Place, Theory of Deviant Neighborhoods, Broken Windows Thesis, Collective Efficacy)o Classical Strain Theory (This theory can, but does not need to, include concepts such as: Relative Deprivation, Distributive Justice)o General Strain Theoryo Culture Conflict Theory (The following are all individual culture conflict theories. If you choose this theory make sure you discuss Culture Conflict Theory in general and then one of the individual culture conflict theories listed here: Focal concerns, Techniques of Neutralization, Differential Opportunity Theory, Reaction Formation, Code of the Streets)• Theories from Social Process & Social Development Chapter:o Differential Association Theory/Differential Reinforcement Theory and/or Social Structure-Social Learningo Containment Theoryo Social Bond Theoryo General Theory of Crimeo Control Balance Theoryo Labeling Theoryo Age-Graded Theoryo Dual Taxonomic Theoryo Interactional Theory• Theories from Social Conflict Chapter:o Radical-Critical Criminology


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