Advocacy and Action Plan (AAP) Guiding Framework
CHS236 – Home, School, and Community
You will use the Advocacy and Action Plan (AAP) Guiding Framework to plan, draft and complete your AAP.
· Unit 3: Complete and submit Part 1 (Sections A, B, C and D).
· Unit 5: Complete and submit Part 2 (Sections A, B, C, D and E).
· Units 6 & 7: Use the content from Parts 1 and 2 to write your Final AAP Paper and
create your videotaped AAP Presentation.
· Course Resources: textbooks, articles, media, videos, and model programs (e.g., Strengthening Families National Network: state initiatives and action plans; Help Me Grow affiliates; Parent Leadership Training Initiatives (PLTI), Community Cafes).
· Community Resources: existing programs and agencies in your community or state that support children and families.
Action Team
Who will you partner with in the development and implementation of your plan? Families must be actively involved in the creation and implementation of the plan!
Advocacy Action Plan Tours!
Throughout the course, guided tours are provided to help you understand and complete the four phases of this project.
· Unit 1: AAP Final Project Tour: Introduction and Phase 1
· Unit 3: AAP Final Project Tour: Phase 2
· Unit 5: AAP Final Project Tour: Phase 3
· Unit 7: AAP Final Project Tour: Phase 4.

Part 1. Advocacy Issue, Position, Protective Factor, and Resources
Due Unit 3

NAEYC Standard 2a
A. Identify at least one issue from 10 policy areas.
Child Poverty, Income and Wealth Inequality, Housing and Homelessness, Child Hunger and Nutrition, Child Health, Early Childhood, Education, Child Welfare, Youth Justice, and Gun Violence
i. Read the Children’s Defense Fund State of America’s Children Fact Sheet for your home state or another chosen state.
ii. Select and write the titles of the issue(s) that you identified from the CDF State of America’s Children Fact Sheet.
iii. Indicate your state and the statistic(s) related to your advocacy issue.

Issue Title:

B. Present your advocacy position.
Issue: Explain why you have selected this issue and the need to advocate for change.

NAEYC Standard 4a
C. Connect the issue to one of the five Strengthening Families Protective Factors.
Write an explicit description of the issue and the connection to a protective factor.
Five Protective Factors : 1) parental resilience, 2) social connections, 3) knowledge of parenting and child development, 4) concrete support in times of need, and 5) social and emotional competence of children

Protective Factor: _______________________________________________________

D. Write references for all Part 1 resources in APA Format.
The following two references are required. You may use more.

1. Children’s Defense Fund State of America’s Children Fact Sheet
2. Center for the Study of Social Policy Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework

Part 2. Application
Due Unit 5

NAEYC Standard 6a
A. Application: One Sociological Theory
Briefly explain how you can use one sociological theory to support your advocacy issue.
Choose from Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological theory, Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory, or Family systems theory.

NAEYC Standard 6b
B. Application: Two Fundamental Course Concepts
1. NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct
Utilize the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment. Identify and briefly explain how one ideal or principle supports your advocacy issue. (Only one ideal or principle is required. You can choose more than one.)
2. NAEYC Building Family and Community Relationships Standard
Using key elements 2a and 2b, briefly explain the necessity of establishing family and community relationships to effectively address your advocacy issue.
· Key Element 2a. Knowing about and understanding diverse family and community characteristics.
· Key Element 2b. Supporting and engaging families and communities through respectful, reciprocal relationships.

NAEYC Standard 6e
C. Present a plan for action.
How would you address this issue to improve conditions for families with young children?
Utilize at least two evidence-based programs, approaches, strategies and/or tools from course resources. (e.g., Help Me Grow, a checklist from Beyond the Bake Sale, an article, a video)


NAEYC Standard 2b
D. ACTION TEAM! (Read and review concept in Beyond the Bake Sale)
Demonstrate how this action plan supports families as their children’s first and most important teachers and advocates!
Identify who will help you create and implement this plan. At minimum, your Action Team must include the Center/Program Director, the Lead Teacher/Educator and one or more Family Representatives.
Remember: Families must be involved in the creation and implementation of the plan!!

E. Write references for all Part 2 resources in APA Format.
The following references are required.
1. Sociological Theory
2. NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct
3. NAEYC Standard: Building Family and Community Partnerships Key Element(s)
4. Course Resource 1
5. Course Resource 2
6. Action Team ( Beyond the Bake Sale)
Additional Resources


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