All files are attached. Don’t forget to include a completed Reference Page and use intext citations.**Doctorate Level Writing** In a maximum of 2,750 words, follow the instructions needed for each section of the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) below. This a thorough and detailed Capstone Project. Proper sentence structure and grammar are essential. Please follow APA 7th ed. guidelines to cite your sources. In-text citation should be noted throughout. Use United States sources ONLY (foreign sources will not be accepted). Researched information needs to be cited within the writing assignment. Improper paraphrasing, copying words from source materials, and not including the intext or reference citiations, is still plagiarism. Provide a plagiarism report along with the completed EOP, when submitting assignment for Order #4353746. Please DO NOT allow the client to reach out to EssayPro Customer Service in order to get the plagiarism report. Carefully review your work, before submitting. This requires that you allow yourself enough time to accurately and adequately complete this assignment. Please review the attached rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. The completed assignment should be in a Microsoft Word .DOCX format. DO NOT COPY INFORMATION FROM COURSE HERO. THAT IS PLAGARISM!! You MUST completely follow these instructions:The selected Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) will focus on the fictional Yourtown Schools jurisdiction, which will be used as a real scenario for your Capstone. In the previous assignment the focus was on creating the organization and assignment of responsibilities section section of an EOP basic plan. An example of the partial EOP and the exact format to follow in this assignment is attached in a PDF document, along with the Rubrics and FEMA EOP Guide. If you are not familiar with an EOP for a school, please research online for other examples. The purpose of this assignment is to create the direction, control, and coordination section & CONOPS section of an EOP basic plan.Compile the Direction, Control, and Coordination section of the EOP with the following components:Information Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination (write 750 words; Use valid intext citations)Describe the critical or essential information common to all operations identified during the planning process. Identify the type of information needed, the source of the information, who uses the information, how the information is shared, the format for providing the information, and any specific times the information is needed. Detail any relevant Anytown prevention and protection assets that must develop the Information Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination section in close cooperation with your selected organization/location. The contents of this section can be provided in a tabular or essay format.Administration, Finance, and Logistics (write 500 words; Use valid intext citations)Create general support requirements and the availability of services and chains for various emergencies and your organization’s policies for managing resources. As the lead planner, design a figurative work section(s) as you think it would work for best results and outcomes in the real world. Use real-life organizations or work experiences for further reference.Plan Development and Maintenance (write 500 words for #1 & #2; Use valid intext citations)Explain your Anytown organization’s overall approach to planning and the assignment of plan development and maintenance responsibilities. This section should:Describe the planning process, participants in that process, and how development and revision of different “levels” of the EOP (basic plan, annexes, and SOPs/SOGs) are coordinated during the preparedness phase.Assign responsibility for the overall planning and coordination to a specific position(s).Provide for a regular cycle of training, evaluating, reviewing, and updating of the EOP (write 300 words for this item #3).Write a CONOPS section (write 750 words; Use valid intext citations) that describes how the responding organization will accomplish the best results in an emergency. In the CONOPS section, include the following:Detail the main goals and objectives and related methodologies necessary to execute this portion of the EOP.Brief discussion of the activation levels identified by the jurisdiction for its operations center. This can be done in a table format.Address direction and control, alert and warning, and continuity matters that will likely need to be explained more thoroughly in functional/hazard annexes.


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