Little C, a pre-adolescent boy, has been brought in by his parents for therapy regarding his behaviors. The scenario in this case calls for family-based treatment. On this front, I will be the co-therapist. Towards this end, this text seeks to come up with not only the case conceptualization, but also recommendations regarding the most appropriate treatment interventions.

Part 1: Clinical History of the Family


Presenting Issues (Little C)

Little C is brought in by his parents for deviant behavior. According to his parents, Little C is rebellious and does not obey them. He also often has an irritable and angry mood and is described as being vindictive. He often talks back to his parents and often loses his temper and is rude towards his sister. He also displays clear signs of distress. He often keeps to himself and appears not appear to have normal social life save for his interaction with some drug dealing boys in the neighborhood.

Inter-generational dynamics

Little Cs grandparents appear to be living in a world of their own and are not keen on establishing meaningful interactions with not only their children, but also their grandchildren. For instance, Lisettes mother and father are largely focused on their own life and wellbeing, and have left their two daughters to fend for themselves and run their affairs as well as families. One would have expected them to provide meaningful counsel and emotional support to Lissette (and Alexis). Chinos mother is chaotic and does not help matters. She appears to have had an unstable relationship with Chinos father and has unfounded fears about current circumstances. As a matter of fact, she actively encourages Chino to abandon Lisette and appears to be unhappy that she (Lisette) comes from a different ethnicity. Lack of the familial support in this case effectively results in instability in the young family.

Little Cs Stage of Development

Little C is in his pre-adolescent years. It would be prudent to note that to a large extent, pre-adolescence is largely associated with changes that could be rather frightening, confusing, as well as diverse. This takes place as a consequence of the growth that a person experiences (i.e. on the cognitive, behavioral, as well as emotional fronts) during the transition from childhood to adolescence. A person at this stage also begins to have a more realistic perspective of life. As consequence, in the present scenario, Little C could be seeking to discover himself and deal with the new challenges of this stage of development. As a matter of fact, frequent mood swings happen to be rather common in this development stage. In most cases, there is the evening out of inconsistent behaviors as time passes by and as the child gets to learn how to handle and address reality. Understanding from parents, guardians, or caregivers is crucial at this stage. Failure to have the said understanding could result in psychological disorders and worsen the situation. In Little Cs case, the said understanding has not been extended. With growing independence, the child appears confused over what role he ought to play in a chaotic family settings. He is increasingly alienated.

Intra-psychic (or intra-individual) factors

In basic terms, inter-psychic factors are inclusive of an individuals various internal psychological processes. In the present scenario, there is evidence of egodystonic (or negative) processes, i.e. specifically with regard to Lisettes distress following Chinos arrest and her concern over her role in this familial setup in the absence of chino. Another example of an egodystonic process is conflict of morals. On this front, it should be noted that both Lisette and Chino are under a lot of pressure to deviate from the ideals that they hold of love and fidelity to one another. For instance, when Chinos friends visit him in prison, they lie that his wife had sex with another man. Chinos mother also appears hell-bent on convincing her son to settle with Magdalena. On the other hand, Lisettes sister Alexis actively cheers on Lisette to sleeping with another man. These, and many other factors, result in the worsening relations between the two love birds (Lisette and Chino) which results into fights that create an even more chaotic household. However, there is also an example of egosyntonic (positive) processes. For instance, Lisette develops a higher social standing following her getting of the PA job. This is positive in the sense that it effectively lessens the couples financial burden.

Familys life cycle

As members of a family, individuals often pass through diverse intellectual as well as emotional stage from the moment they are born, all the way to their old age. In the present scenario, the relevant family cycle stages are parenting/child rearing and child launching. Some of the key concepts associated with child rearing are inclusive of, but they are not limited to, being aware and responsive to the needs of children at the various developmental stages and being aware of the roles/responsibilities of parenthood. In the present scenario, we see failure on both fronts. When it comes to being aware and responsive to the needs of children at the various developmental stages, Chino and Lisette specifically appear clueless about how to handle and guide Little C through his present developmental…


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