BUSI-2304-001 – Business Communication
Create a persuasive letter from one of the two scenarios below. Use full block formatting with mixed punctuation and traditional spacing. Proofread your document carefully and then upload your file to this dropbox.
Etech – You are the fleet sales manager at Nacogdoches Motor Company (5000 North St., Nacogdoches, TX 75962) and have been contacted by Matt Rocco, president of Etech Global Services (1903 Berry Drive, Nacogdoches, TX 75965). He is considering purchasing a fleet of 10 vehicles for use by Etech sales/customer relations personnel.
A company will often purchase vehicles for employees to drive when conducting business. This serves as an incentive to good employees and can also provide advertising and strengthened brand awareness, since the company logo is typically affixed to the vehicle (like Best Buy’s Geek Squad).
Choose any vehicle you believe would be a good fit for your prospective customer’s company, but be sure to choose a vehicle that will portray an appropriate image. For example, representatives for Goodwill or American Red Cross would probably not need to drive a Mercedes, and a Kia Rio would not be a logical choice for a Rolex sales representative. You may use the Internet to gather vehicle and pricing information, but be sure NOT to copy wording verbatim from any website. Persuade the reader to purchase your selected vehicle from your dealership. Be sure to include to include pricing information and incentives that might be beneficial.
Create a letterhead for your business and write a letter to Rocco at the address above. Provide a compelling argument from your reader’s perspective with a persuasive appeal.
OR –
JAVA JACKS – Imagine that you live around the corner from Java Jacks coffee shop in Nacogdoches and spend a great deal of your time in the shop. Known for its great beverages, healthy snacks and light meals, this SFA-alumni owned business provides a comfortable, cozy atmosphere with free WiFi. This ideal location for homework, reading and study groups only lacks one thing – a printer for use by customers.
While SFA provides printing at the library and various computer labs, it is a long walk for you and other SFA student-patrons, and you have no car! So, you have decided to ask the shop owners, Brent and Sarah Patton, to set up a complementary printing service. Propose that the service run at break-even prices – just enough to pay for the printer, paper, and ink cartridges. This would benefit the shop by enticing patrons to spend even more time in the establishment, which would likely increase profits. Add any additional information you think might be beneficial; perhaps you had to
walk to campus to print the letter you are sending, so you bought your afternoon latte on campus. Additionally, a new coffee shop is currently being constructed in a location between Java Jacks and
the SFA campus; this may create additional pressure on the Pattons to improve customer satisfaction and appeal to new customers.
On your personal letterhead, write a letter to the Pattons at 1122 North St., Nacogdoches, TX 75961. Provide a convincing argument from the reader’s perspective with a persuasive appeal


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