Please view explanation and answer below.1Interview Regarding a Healthcare Policy or AssessmentName:Course Title:Instructor:November 2, 20222Identification of the IntervieweeMr. Bux is the subject of this interview. The interviewee was involved in the implementation ofthe private healthcare insurance funding policy in the system that has healthcare. The interviewtook place via video conferencing and we were able to enquire on questions involving thehealthcare policy and how it has been able to makes improvements when it comes to healthyliving in their Country.The goals and objectives of your interviewThe interview was designed in a way that it would assess the efficiency and effectiveness of theprivatization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia health insurance funding. This meant that as aresult, the main objectives of the study were as follows:1. Make evaluations on the effectiveness of health insurance funds privatization.2. To evaluate the advantages of the policy.3. To evaluate the policy development challenges.4. To bring forth recommendations that makes improvement in the effectiveness of the policiesin the Saudi Arabian Society.Location of the organization and how the interviewee is involved/positionInterviewer: Please tell us the location of where you work and your position?Mr. Bux: I work as a health risk assessment manager for Armaco, a health insurance company.The company is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am in charge making assessments on the healthstatus of the customer and enroll them in the services of the firm. They categorize customers3based on the history they have of infections and the amount they will pay on a monthly basis forthe insurance fund.Interviewer: How do you determine whether the customer has chronic infections, noncommunicable diseases, or communicable diseases. This is the basis for the firm’s price decision.Mr. Bux: The mission statement of the company is to always exceed expectations throughsuperior customer experience and service excellence. The vision statement is to become thelargest insurer in the entire region. The mission and vision statements, according to theinterviewee, help their organization focus on providing affordable, effective, and comprehensivehealthcare plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is what is going the Company to furtherexpand in other regions (Al-Matari & Senan, 2021).Description of the policyThe individual healthcare consumption is typically characterized by two fundamental features:i.That is uncertaintyii.Non-uniform distribution of expenditures over time.It is common knowledge that no one knows when they are going to fall ill and on the other hand,access to healthcare requires a person to cater for numerous expenses. The chances of one fallingill are usually dependent on several issues. Therefore, this means that individuals in some caseslike seen in the Corona Pandemic people would get infe…


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