View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.OutlineHealth Information Improvement Proposal•The information system allows healthcare organizations to gather adequate informationabout patients’ health while at the same time offering significant support with regard todecision making.•This proposal details the summary of the findings, the organization’s objectives,information analytic trends, and the recommendations of the major stages needed tostreamline the information system.Recommendations•The assessment of the electronic health records at the Villa Health Independence MedicalCenter spotlighted different drawbacks with the system as a result of poorinteroperability.•The organization should factor in the extent to which the recommendations about theinformation system will affect the major stakeholders.•The senior management team at Villa Health Independence Medical Center will beresponsible for producing accurate reports necessary to ensure proper documentation ofthe claims, mitigate risks, enhance physicians’ productivity, and advance clientsatisfaction.•Stakeholders and their pleas can be remedied through technological and logisticalchanges to the health information system.•The new information system will enable the organization staff to spend the least timegathering patient information and inputting data manually.Data Products and Outcomes•While stating recommendations, there are several critical factors to consider.•These factors include but are not limited to measures of staff productivity, surveys ofemployee satisfaction, and quality measures.•As highlighted by the center’s chief executive officer, the failure in the systemimplementation is projected to increase the number of readmissions while also negativelyaffecting the discharge process.•When the decision-making process is improved, the organizational outcome isundoubtedly improved.Contemporary Data Analysis Trends•The organization’s current practices need to be advanced•The advancement of these practices may be achieved by utilizing the trends incontemporary data analysis.•Another critical trend is augmented data administration.Best Practices•The integration of technology is critical to achieving efficiency in the modern world. Tothat effect, clients’ health data would become vital sources of information upon thedigitization of the systems.•The relevance of health information technology is emphasized by some of the issuessurrounding big data and self-based care.•There has always been a debate about whether clients and patients should be in control oftheir data.Proposal Messaging•One of the significant challenges in persuading stakeholders to embrace the newinformation system is disbelief regarding its efficiency.•Most of the concerns or claims raised by the stakeholders ought to be incorporatedinto the new system.•A robust electronic health record system could be the ultimate tool to reduce risks inthe healthcare setting because it will advance the ability of nurses and clinicians toemploy evidence-based understanding while at the same time improving the overalldecision-making process.Conclusion•This implementation proposal captures important information regarding the electronichealth record system; the major findings from the Villa Health Independence MedicalCenter outline the relevant data that aligns with the healthcare facility’s goals and makeimportant recommendations to improve the system and the stages that need to befollowed.•Electronic health record system streamlines the input and storage of patient data andconsequently improve the overall quality of care services.ReferencesAdler, K. G. (2017). How to successfully navigate your EHR implementation. Family practicemanagement, 14(2), 33.Darwish, A., Hassanien, A. E., Elhoseny, M., Sangaiah, A. K., & Muhammad, K. (2019). Theimpact of the hybrid platform of internet of things and cloud computing on healthcaresystems: opportunities, challenges, and open problems. Journal of Ambient Intelligenceand Humanized Computing, 10(10), 4151-4166.Prosperi, M., Min, J. S., Bian, J., & Modave, F. (2018). Big data hurdles in precision medicineand precision public health. BMC medical informatics and decision making, 18(1), 1-15.Wahab, S. N., Bahar, N., & Radzi, N. A. M. (2021). An inquiry on knowledge management inthird-party logistics companies. International Journal of Business Innovation andResearch, 24(1), 124-146.Health Information Improvement ProposalNameInstitutional affiliationCourseInstructorDateHealth Information…


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