Here you go! Let me know if you need any edits or have any questionsOutlineTopic: Tools for Project ManagementThesis statement: Project management approaches to enhance the processes of improvingorganizational effectiveness and increasing the aspects of success. The Healthcare systemdepends on the implementation of strategic planning and project management aimed atimproving the delivery of sustainable health services and helping medical institutions in attainingtheir objectives.➢ Gantt chart in project management➢ Project budgeting and cost estimation➢ Work breakdown structure➢ ReferencesRunning head: TOOLS FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENTTools for Project ManagementNameInstitution1TOOLS FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT2Tools for Project ManagementProject management approaches to enhance the processes of improving organizationaleffectiveness and increasing the aspects of success. The Healthcare system depends on theimplementation of strategic planning and project management aimed at improving the delivery ofsustainable health services and helping medical institutions in attaining their objectives. Forinstance, healthcare institutions use Electronic Health Record Software in monitoring the recordsand patients’ information (Flores, 2016). EHR Software can become obsolete and requirefrequent updates which improve their functionality and benefit the health institutions in variousways. The focus of updating EHR Software will be based on improving organizationalperformance, improve stability, and the security of the health records. The strategy will utilizeGantt Charts to determine the progress of the updates, a budget for the project, and a workbreakdown structure in determining the required procedures.Gantt chartDurationTask NameStartEnd(days)Preparing a roadmap1/1/202031/1/202030Recruit EHR Committee1/2/202028/2/202028Estimation of Cost1/3/202015/3/202015Prepare a budget1/4/202020/4/202020Schedule HER Implementation1/5/202031/5/202020Migration of EHR Data1/6/202030/6/20209TOOLS FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT3Create a user training program1/7/202030/7/202045Define the live activities1/8/202030/8/202010Outline the success factors1/9/202030/9/20205Evaluate the effectiveness of hardware1/10/2020 30/10/2020 15Assess the needs of the staff1/11/2020 30/11/2020 10Upgrade the software1/12/2020 23/12/2020 5Gantt Chart12-Sep-192-Oct-1922-Oct-1911-Nov-191-Dec-1921-Dec-1910-Jan-2030-Jan-2019-Feb-20Preparing a roadmapEstimation of CostSchedule HER ImplementationCreate a user training programOutline the succes factorsAssess the needs of the staffThe project will involve the incorporation of the Gantt chart which will be used to evaluate thetimeline for the implementation of the project. The Gantt chart will reflect the twelve-monthtimeline which will begin with the first month of January to the last month of December. The useof the Gantt chart will also describe the essential procedures for updating the current EHRSoftware. The first month of January will begin by creating the implementation roadmap whichwill be used to adapt the new updated EHR Software in the medical facility. The EHRimplementation roadmap will start by defining the prerequisites of software upgradingprocedures. The software is aimed at helping the medical institution in managing and protectingthe patients’ data as well as enhances the access and the use of the data in healthcare practices(Flores, 2016). The roadmap will also involve the aspects of outlining the recruitment of theTOOLS FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT4software implementation committee from the organizational stakeholders. The roadmap will alsoincorporate the elements of outlining the expected costs and the budget which is equivalent to$20,000, the schedule for the project completion which is twelve months, the procedures ofmigrating the data from the previous software to the newly proposed EHR Software, The transferof the patients’ data from the paper records, introduce educational and training programs inpreparing the users of the new software, testing the effectiveness of the program, defining thefundamentals of the software, and determine the critical success factors of the program (NormanMarzella, 2016). The roadmap will guide the medical facility and the leaders in promoting thesuccess of the proposed EHR software.Moreover, the Gantt chart will follow the second month which will be used to recruit thecommittee for the implementation and upgrade of the proposed EHR software. The projectimplementation committee will include personnel such as the project manager, the softwareanalyst, software developer, software test engineer, nursing and doctors’ advocates, billingadvocate, user manager, and the advocate for the users of the newly-proposed software. Thecommittee will be given the responsibilities of administering and monitoring the progress and theprocess of the software implementation strategies and enhance procedures that will ensure thecompletion of the project within the estimated time. The third step will involve the aspects ofcalculating the proposed costs and budget for the project. The company has already offered$20,000 which will be the estimated costs but the budget can be adjusted based on therequirements of the project completion. The costs will involve the training programs, thepurchase of the software, the hardware costs, the costs of practice staff such as overtime andtemporary employees, consultancy costs, vendor training costs, purchasing of the data backupand storage tools, and the productivity costs associated with the upgraded software.TOOLS FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT5Furthermore, the next step will incorporate the approaches of creating a detailed schedulefor the completion of the pro…


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