Dear best tutors members,
Finally I’ll receive my Visa card tomorrow and I’ll be able to use it.
I want you to write my MA thesis from A to Z
The topic of my thesis It’s about The effectiveness of dance movement therapy in alleviating social, sensory, motor, and related social and developmental disabilities in children with autism
I want you to write 110 pages the font 14 for title and 12 for the body type of font time new Roman and double space.
I want you also to write the dedication for my father soul my mom and my 6 sisters and my lovely husband and all my family and friends.
Thanks and appreciation for my supervisor Prof.XXX
And to all my teachers in the clinical psychology department and to the director of the department Dr. xxx and to the Director of the university ( I’ll send you his name)
Now in my thesis I want you to add percentages of autism in children in all the world and in the Arabic world and in Palestine, also about the importance of the study how in my country Palestine we don’t have enough resources and organizations specialized to work with autism the societal stigma about them and the type of therapy used in my country not like the dance therapy also the education system not ready to work or do inclusive education this is also will help in the recommendations.
Could you also prepare the hypothesis questions related to the topic and if you can add something about attachment and you can add it to the title and use a method to measure the attachment ( please let me know if you can do that and what kind of method can you use)
Before the therapy stat I spent 2 months observing the 20 child 10 girls and 10 boys ages 6-8 they have between severe to medium autism ( or do you suggest to be all moderate?) and then do the CARs test and Laban analysis for them all (if you suggest another method for attachment to do it before and after?)
I want you to build a dance therapy program 20 sessions each session for 45 mins which will include my spot where each child has a red or blue spot to stand on it to develop their awareness of their existence some warm up for all body parts then start moving in organizational way toward the window the door front and back etc… then free circle and improvise like echoing and attunement then a game like a hot dog sandwich to cover the child with a blanket and the last cool down or closing please develop therapy program to include these parts and the name of the therapy I suggest ( wake up your brain)
Is there any chance to add something how the brain work in autistic children and how this therapy will change it?
After the therapy with 10 children 5 girls and 5 boys I repeat the CARs test and Laban analysis for all the 20 children and compare their results
Don’t forget to write all the definition for everything related to the study about autism dance therapy CARs test Laban analysis and attachment if we add it.
I’ll send you Arabic other studies which I’ll translate to add it in the chapter where you will write other studies
Also I’ll send you other appendix to add it at the end and some Arabic references to add it in the references and APA style for documentation and references
I’ll send you any other details and after this I’ll send you another email for the PowerPoint presentation for the thesis
For this I need it to be ready in one month but also I want you to send me chapter by chapter when you finish something send it directly to me
Please let me know if you have any questions
Also in the thanks and appreciation I want you to thank Joud center where I’ve done the research and applied everything it’s a special center in Palestine to work with autism and different mental disorders for children also to mention it in the study as this center is private non profit organization with a low and cheap cost the other private organization are really expensive for the people


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