Theory Based Case Study Paper – Major Assignment – 30 points
**This is a huge huge paper for me a final and you have to be aware of all of the Social Work Terms. I have to use nothing but social work terms from all the way up to chapter 12 in the Theories book. I am interning at the Cancer Treatment Centers Of America in Newnan Georgia so every information has to be about things in Ga if you incorporate any information
regarding the treatment plan. A case study is something made up like an incident within the field. Something that could possible happen at a cancer facility.
I HAVE TO HAVE 2 CASE THEORIES THIS WEBSITE provides all of the theories. I gave you some time so we can go back and forth this paper is due on 0ct.25th but I know we will be going back and forth on what I need addd in the paper
Students will select one case study and two theories for this paper. Students should write a brief assessment and treatment plan according to the tenets of each theory. All theories and supporting information must be cited.


1. Select a clinical practice case from your field practicum (i.e., children, individual, family, adolescent group, elderly, etc. ), field practicum simulations or provided samples. Describe the client system and provide an overview of your assessment from the perspective of your chosen theory.
2. Create a treatment or intervention plan based on the theory’s tenets.
3. Incorporate the Afrocentric Perspective and the strengths-based perspective to engage diversity and difference in practice.
4. Describe any ethical issues that may have been involved in working with this client system.
5. At least five (5) citations from peer-reviewed journals and books should be used. Avoid extensive use of web resources (no more than five), and use APA format.
6. Demonstrate your understanding of social work values and skills by incorporating terms and discussion within each section of the paper.
Within the theories pdf that I uploaded I would love for you to of course in the instructions talk about Afrocentric perspective and strengths which is on the theories list uploaded. I would also like for you to talk about 8 & 2 as well.,in%20order%20to%20integrate%20it%20into%20professional%20value.
This link has the core values of social work so they want to talk about them all through the paper NASW SOCIAL WORK CORE VALUES should also be throught the paper
this is my final and half of my grade im paye 237.00 for this paper I need an A LETS COMMUNICATE DAILY


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