You have been hired as a global health consultant to make evidence-based recommendations on the development of a program to address a critical health problem in a resource-poor low/middle-income country setting.The paper will have three sections:Section 1: Problem Description. You must first describe the problem using available literature and data sources (the evidence!). What is the nature of the problem? Who is affected by it? What factors contribute to the problem?1.1. Define the assigned problem and discuss why it is important to global public health.1.2. Report on the estimated prevalence of the problem globally, regionally (e.g., Africa), and within your specific geographic area (e.g., Ghana), and mortality, morbidity, and other estimates (e.g., DALYs) if available and relevant.1.3. Discuss the most basic immediate (proximal) causes of the problem in physiological, environmental, behavioral or other terms (e.g., diarrhea is caused by ingestion of a minimum quantity of pathogenic organisms; vitamin A deficiency is caused by inadequate intake or absorption, often following an illness that produced an increased need for the micronutrient)1.4. Identify any important relationships between this condition and other problems (e.g., pneumonia is a common complication of measles), and other information relevant to understanding the nature of the problem (e.g., environmental or cultural factors that significantly increase risk).Section 2: Describe two major evidence-based intervention(s) that currently addresses this problem in your chosen setting. Be as specific as you can.Section 3: Evidence-based conclusions and recommendations. Based on your understanding of the problem and what you now know about possible interventions, describe what you would recommend as the best evidence-based solution(s), and specifically state your reasons for this. Given what is being done now, what alternative intervention might you propose for this problem, or, what might you do differently to optimize the effectiveness of existing interventions? You should evaluate, compare, and contrast the existing interventions as the basis for proposing an optimum effective intervention.3.1. Conclude your evidence-based recommendations for programmatic interventions to address this problem.3.2. Discuss any potential barriers to implementation anticipated in your chosen setting and suggestions on how to overcome these.Write a five-page minimum paper, not including title or reference page, discussing the items listed above following APA 7th Edition Guidelines. Follow the rubric as a guide to writing the paper. Papers must be typed, 12 font, double spaced, and free of grammatical and spelling areas. Use a minimum of 5, current (within the past five years) references (at least 3 or more peer-reviewed references; the remaining can be from professional sources such as the National Institute of Health, World Health Organization, etc.). References from sites ending in .com and .edu are not acceptable references. References from sites ending in .org and .gov are acceptable references.


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