DIVERSITY AND CONTROVERSY IN SEXUALITY PROJECT – CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES PAPERTo date, many controversial topics in sexuality have been explored in this course. For this project, you will have an opportunity to explore a previously examined or new sexuality topic deeper or in a new way. You will want to choose a controversial topic in sexuality that you would enjoy reading and learning more about. Consider examining a topic that is either personally or professionally of interest.Your task will be to locate various reliable, professional, informative, in-depth, and current articles (the majority need to be within the past 5 years) related to your topic. There will often be multiple issues related to one topic. You will need to narrow your focus to one issue related to your topic. Find a combination of articles that argue for and against the issue you select. After reviewing the information, decide your stance on the issue. Next, you will construct your paper using the outline below to guide your work.The Construction: Your argument will follow the classical (or Aristotelian) argument structure. Use the headings below in your paper.Introduce your issue. In your introduction provide the social context for your issue (why is this topic even an issue?). At the end of your introduction, present your thesis. The idea is to present your readers with your main point and then dig into it with supporting research and evidence. Your thesis should clearly articulate your stance on the issue.Present your case by explaining the issue in detail and why something must be done or a way of thinking is not working. This will take place over several paragraphs (body paragraph).Address the opposition. Use a few paragraphs to explain the other side. Refute the opposition one point at a time (body paragraph).Provide your proof. After you address the other side, you will provide clear evidence that your side is the best side. In this section, connect your stance to your personal beliefs and assumptions. Support your stance with valid and reliable textual evidence (body paragraph).Present your conclusion. In your conclusion, you should remind your readers of your main point or thesis and summarize the key points of your argument. If you are arguing for some kind of change, this is a good place to give your audience a call to action. Tell them what they could do to make a change. Continue to source your evidence/statements in this paragraph as well.Use APA referencing style for reference citations in the text of the paper and for the reference list at the end of the paper. Each body paragraph needs to include at least 3 valid and reliable professional sources (i.e. no blogs, or .com sites). Your references may be used more than once throughout the paper. The information you research must be merged into an interesting, well-organized, well-written paper. This paper cannot exceed five pages (not including the reference page).


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