The article is “A Randomized Trial Comparing the Effect ofNicotine Versus Placebo Electronic Cigaretteson Smoking Reduction Among Young AdultSmokersTuo-Yen Tseng MA1, Jamie S. Ostroff PhD2, Alena Campo BS1,Meghan Gerard MPA1, Thomas Kirchner PhD1,3, John Rotrosen MD4,Donna Shelley MD, MPH1”Instructions/Grading Rubric for Reaction PapersTo facilitate your learning of addiction science, you will read original research reports andwrite reaction papers. Each paper should be at least one but no more than two double-spaced pageslong (Times New Roman or Arial, 12-point font, 1-inch margins). Each paper should be a thoughtfulresponse that: 1) includes a brief description of the main points of the paper, 2) reflects that you haveread and thought about the entire article, not simply skimmed the abstract, and 3) presents your ownopinions and reactions, incorporating relevant material from the course (e.g., the textbook, classlectures & discussion). Grammar and writing quality will be considered in the grading of your paper.Please submit your reaction papers electronically.Papers submitted after the deadline (11:59 PM on the due date) will not be scored inaccordance with the late submission policy stated in the course syllabus. Students are welcome, evenencouraged, to submit their papers early.The purpose of the summary paper is for you to demonstrate your ability to independentlyevaluate and analyze a peer-reviewed, primary-source research report. Be sure to write in your ownwords, as this is the best way to convey your understanding and thoughts. Do not use direct quotes!Use of direct quotes will result in significant point deductions. Strong papers will: succinctlystate the study aims/hypotheses, briefly describe the key elements of the research design, andsummarize the main study findings. Please note, you are not required to report on all aspects of thestudy design nor is it necessary to report every individual result from a study. Instead, identify anddescribe key aspects of the research method and main results, as you understand them.Your paper also should provide a concise interpretation of those findings in the context ofstrengths/weaknesses of particular relevance to the study aims. For example, simply stating alongitudinal design is a strength of the study will not be sufficient unless a detailed explanation forthe particular value of studying the phenomenon in question over time is provided. Similarly, statingthat a small sample size limits generalizability will not be sufficient unless a case is made for whythe specific sample studied may differ from other samples based on the methods used.A rubric for how summary papers will be evaluated and graded is provided below. Pleasenote that points are assigned not only based on whether an element is addressed, but largely onhow well they are completed.You may consider this as a checklist or guide as you write yourpaper.Points Excellent Poor AbsentIs the aim/purpose of the selected study clearlystated? 2 (2) (1) (0)Does the paper identify and describe the mainresearch design elements? 4 (4) (1) (0)Are the key findings of the study reportedaccurately and appropriately? 5 (5) (1) (0)Are the study results interpreted in light of thestudy strengths/weaknesses? 4 (4) (1) (0)Are the study results discussed in the larger contextof themes/concepts from the course moregenerally?4 (4) (1) (0)Does the writing style allow for easyunderstanding/comprehension? Are grammaticalerrors/typos absent and/or kept to a minimum?Proper and adequate use of punctuation?6 (6) (2) (0)


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