DUE DATE: FRIDAY, JUNE 24TH, 2022 BY 11:59PMFor a final assignment in this class, you will complete a 1–2-day long analysis of national, local, and or digital news source. Your analysis of the content should not only include the content in the program/ new article but should also include the commercial or the advertisements that air during the program or are present on the webpage. There are various ways to complete this assignment.As an example, you can observecable news over the required period (CNN, MSNBC, Fox News) (Usually an hour long)local news over the required period (Chicago’s/Detroit Channel 9, Channel 7 or any of the local news channels of the city you are living in)You can cover stories from digital news sources such as Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, New York Times (If you are choosing to view stories from a digital publication, you should look at analyze at least 3-4 news stories per day)You can view clips on the YouTube channel of the preferred News channel that you would like to cover, however, you must make sure that the clips you analyze for each day total at least 30 minutes.A Comparative analysis of two different media sources will also be sufficient for this assignment, meaning that you could compare two different news sources over the same time period in an effort to understand how race/gender/sexuality are framed in different ways across different media.The goal of the assignment is analyzing how race, gender, and sexuality are portrayed in news sources in addition to the advertising that takes place around/within the content. You should take notes over the 1–2-day period about the content. Then, you will write a ONE and a half to TWO-page report (At least 700 – 800 words) critically analyzing how race/gender/sexuality is portrayed via your selected medium in the period observed. Your analysis can include and refer to the class readings to demonstrate what you’ve learned throughout the course. Your paper IS REQUIRED TO also include 2-3 outside (sources not used in class) scholarly and/or reputable sources that enhances your argument. This should help you explain how race/gender/sexuality/class are portrayed and why this significant.In this assignment you will make an argument about the content that you have observed and provide evidence to support your claims. Therefore, your paper should begin with an introductory paragraph that includes a thesis, which should clearly state what you will be arguing in your paper. It should also be followed by a conclusion with a reference/works cited page. This paper is more formal than a blog post and you want to make sure that you turn in a well-written and organized essay. NOTE: A PARAGRAPH IS AT LEAST 4-5 SENTENCES.Helpful Questions to Ask as You Analyze your News CoverageTHE BASICSWho/what is being talked about? What connotations/intertextual meanings does that person raise?What is being said? Who is being interviewed as the expert on the topic?What are the main signs that you can see? This includes the connotation (signified).How are the stories arranged? What is first? What is last? What are the connotations of these placements?Is there text? What meaning is that text anchoring?Are there explicit intertextual references being made? What are they? How are they operating?What news publication is this? What types of articles do they typically publish/ads/stories do they run?What does this tell you about the target audience and goals of this publication?Who is the target audience for the coverage? Remember this is not necessarily someone in the same identity categories as the person/figure depicted on the cover.THE STORIES, MEANINGS, AND VALUESWhat assumptions do these covers make about gender, race, class, age, ability, sexuality, or other categories of difference, either about the target audience for the magazine or the people depicted on the cover? How do you know?What values/attitudes/beliefs are being promoted? What evidence do you have for that claim?What larger cultural “stories” do these covers tell?What is the overall cultural “message” of each coverage? How do you know?MAKING COMPARATIVE CLAIMSLook at your answers to the above questions and list the similarities and differences. How do the overall assumptions, values, attitudes, beliefs, and cultural messages vary based on what day it is, the type of coverage, their target audience?How do these similarities and differences change and/or deepen your reading of the assumptions the coverage makes about identity and the cultural messages they convey?Answering this final question will guide you to your thesis statement!You will likely not include every single answer to these questions in your paper. The purpose of these questions are to help you know where to start, guide you through your analysis, and help you produce lots of analytical material that you can then organize and turn into a paper.


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