EFB210: FINANCE 1, Semester 2 2020Capital Budgeting Report and Analysis___________________________________________________________________________________ General InformationMarks: 25Weight: 25%Format: Report and AnalysisDue: 4 October 2020 (end of day, 11:59pm)Submission:Submit report and Excel analysis files by uploading your files to the Finance 1 Assignment portal in Blackboard. Note that when saving and submitting the report and analysis files, please ensure that:– You upload the correct files and that the files are not corrupted in any way. As markers, we can only mark what is provided to us at the time of submission.– Each filename must include your name and student number, and the file extensions must be either .docx (report) or .xlsx (analysis).o For example, if Brad Pitt was studying Finance 1, he would save his report and analysis as:? Brad Pitt 1234567 Report.docx? Brad Pitt 1234567 Analysis.xlsxo Please note that file types that cannot be opened in Word or Excel, e.g. .numbers files, are not accepted.o Part of the assignment’s CRA relates to correct filenames.__________________________________________________________________________________ Outline:You have recently started working for an independent Queensland senator who will be sitting on federal parliament’s electricity generation review committee. As an independent, she has no direct allegiances with any political party.The senator is highly aware of the considerable debate around whether coal fired power stations are economically viable and has requested that you analyse and report on the economic viability of a new ultra super critical (USC) coal fired power station to be built in Queensland. Specific details of the task are provided below. Your report will assist the regulators in regulating electricity price and government subsidy.Task:You are to provide a detailed financial analysis of an USC coal fired power station under two scenarios used in the Finkel Review (2017). The scenarios are:1. Business as Usual (BaU) The electricity market remains in a prolonged period of uncertainty due to limited government action on carbon pricing and abatement. The price of electricity is higher under this scenario.2. Emission Intensity Scheme (EIS) Government to introduce an EIS where electricity generators that emit more than 600 kilograms of carbon per megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity must purchase carbon permits while those that emit less receive permits that they can sell. Permits will need to be purchased for the USC coal fired power station. The electricity price is lower under this scenario.Detailed information on the life, capital outlay, revenues, expenses and related information is provided in the ‘USC Information file.xlsx’ file. The financial analysis is to be completed in Excel with the file being easily adjustable for different scenarios and all inputs being on the one sheet titled ‘Assumptions’. The report is to be short (600 words + 20% tolerance) and written for a person with a basic understanding of financial analytical tools as the senator’s background is not in finance. In addition, it has been specifically requested that report have the following sections:Summary: Brief outline of task, methodology and findings.Methodology: Explains and justifies the selected evaluation metric.Results: Summarises the economic viability of each scenario. In addition, holding all other variables constant (ceteris paribus), you are to provide a breakeven analysis for each option based on the1. price of electricity2. capital cost per MWh (i.e. the capital outlay).Limitations: Highlights the key limitations with the analysis and recommends additional analysis to alleviate these limitations where appropriate.Finally, the electronic versions of the report and analysis will be tabled to the committee. As such, the senator expects them to be prepared in a professional manner, although she has specifically requested that the report does not have a Table of Contents.Disclaimer: While information collected is to provide realistic setting, this case study is for educative purposes only and should not be used for any other purpose. All mistakes are those of the author and not QUT.


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