Free Essay Examples Worth Checking Out Before You Start Writing Your Own Paper

Welcome to our directory of free samples! It is quite brief and includes just several dozens of college essays and other academic papers. However, you can rest assured these are the best of breed samples definitely worth looking through before you get down to writing your own piece, be it a simple essay or sophisticated coursework. 

College Essays Examples by Expert Writers to Learn From 

Fact: writing papers in college is essentially different from writing papers in high school. Yet, just a very few freshmen students are really ready to start producing decent undergraduate or bachelor-level content right away. Others need to learn how to do that. For instance, you can read a hundred ‘how-to’ articles. But no matter how many of them you read, your knowledge will remain strictly theoretical. At the same time, hardly there is a better way of moving to the next – practical – level than learning by free examples of essays from professional authors with relevant academic backgrounds and years of writing experience. That’s precisely what our sample catalog offers! 

Here, each free essay sample by our staff authors was written from scratch to discuss a specific – typically, quite popular among college professors – topic. The writers formatted all of them according to the specific citation styles and followed strict academic requirements to come up with impeccable pieces of writing. Notably, this brief catalog includes not only papers crafted by pro staff writers but also several award-winning samples by the participants of our Essay Writing Scholarship Challenge (full scholarship results are here). Assessed by our Quality Assurance department, they were recognized as papers of utter quality that showcase the best practices worth following by all students. 

Benefit from Free Essays Samples in Various Ways 

Despite the fact that our database of free essay samples for college is relatively small, it will be undeniably useful for virtually any student. The thing is, our hand-picked selection includes the most various types of papers you can learn from, including such rare instances as infographics and capstone projects. Let us show you how you can use these samples for your maximum benefit.

  • Draw inspiration – If you don’t know where to start or what to write about, browsing our sample essays directory will help you overcome writer’s block and come up with interesting, novice, and meaningful topic ideas.
  • Use as models to follow – The presented examples give you a wealth of choice of content structuring and presentation techniques you can with confidence implement when outlining your own piece.
  • Employ pro writing practices – Obviously, the writing style of an argumentative essay differs from one of a case study. By reading high-quality works, each crafted by an experienced paper writer, you will recognize which style is more apt for your piece.
  • Find new data sources – Can’t find trustworthy data sources with extensive and reliable data? As our samples touch on some of the most popular and debatable topics, you will find the lists of discreet sources you can use as is.

See how many useful things you can do with sample papers presented in our catalog? Yet, remember that the only thing you cannot do is copying and then pasting their content into your paper – this can and will be considered plagiarism and academic cheating. In case you need an entirely original sample custom-crafted from scratch by a professional writer exclusively for you – get in touch with our customer managers today and get to know about amazing writing assistance opportunities we can offer!