You will need to use the Word document as the week one assignment. The week 2 assignment is cor to the week one as well as week 3.
Assignment Content
The board reviewed your email and agreed with your assessment. Now it is time to start fixing the situation so that more clients can be served by the Long Lake Community Center job placement service. After seeing a 15% decline in clients served over the previous six months, the board is looking for a turnaround. Specifically, the board wants to see a 25% increase in the number of clients served. The board has tasked you with writing the strategic communication plan to achieve this goal. The board wants you to begin drafting the first few sections of a new strategic communication plan. Remember, the material you prepare this week will support your final strategic communication plan due in Week 5. You will have an opportunity to make adjustments based upon feedback from your instructor each week.
Facilitator’s Note
You are NOT being asked to improve use of other services. Should you think,”If I increase use of the food bank, it will also increase use of Job Placement Services,” you must provide research data proving a cause-effect relationship. I have not been able to find any such data.
Please do not submit a pdf. Submit a Microsoft Word draft of a 350- to 450-word strategic communication plan with the following:
Draft a new vision statement that encompasses the 25% increase for Jobs Placement Service.
Explain the difference from last year’s vision statement and how it is an improvement.
How will you operationalize this vision statement? Provide two suggestions.
How will implement the vision so that progress can be measured?
This section will be further refined in Week 5.
Who are the LLCC’s internal and external partners? How will these partners support the new vision statement?
Of the four theories presented by Shires, which will guide your strategic communication plan?
How does this theory support your future development of the objectives, strategies, tactics, and messaging?
Discuss how the theory aligns to your vision statement.
Include at least 2 credible references that show how this theory has been applied or observed in action. Sources should be fluently integrated into the discussion of the theory, above. The research should be recent enough to reflect modern communication and applicable to our culture. For example, persuasion may work differently in high-context. Be selective and wise in your choices.
Academic journal articles may be found at our Apollo Library Databases, especially EBSCO and Proquest. The Center for Writing Excellence has directions for formatting proper APA citations.
Use APA style for formatting and citations. Download the paper template from the CWE for fewer errors


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