Your goal is to describe an ideal but realistic sustainable neighborhood or city that you would like to see in the future. This paper is a chance to voice your personal opinion about what a truly sustainable city should look like; however, your opinion must be supported by reputable evidence and should include concepts discussed in class.Note: No development worksheet is provided for this paper. If you found the Micro Essay worksheets helpful, please follow the same process for analyzing the goals of each section of the paper, or create your own table to organize your findings. Also, the second half of the grading rubric is for internal school assessment and not part of your grade.InstructionsWrite a paper of 1750 to 2000 words in which you describe your ideal sustainable city.This is unrelated to your assigned city from your group discussions. You can pick any region and/or climate type you want. Follow the structure and details listed below, and use headers to identify each of the 4 sections.Section 1: IntroductionIn one paragraph, explain your overall philosophy or vision for your city. Make sure to specify the geographic region/climate conditions for your ideal community – a place you would especially like to live in, and that is sustainable (in whatever way you want to define the term).Your introduction should be approximately 150 words.Section 2: Sustainable Development GoalsWrite 5 paragraphs in which you discuss which SDGs will guide your city plan, features, and development.Pick 5 Sustainable Development Goals your ideal city is working towards to.At least two choses SDGs should be related to the social aspects of sustainability (i.e. no poverty, quality education, gender equality…)Explain why the 5 SDGs you selected are important in order for a city to be sustainable.How can these SGDs guide the development and growth of your ideal city?Each paragraph should be approximately 150 words.Section 3: Urban FabricWrite as many well-organized paragraphs as appropriate to describe some of the features or answer some of the questions below.How is this place laid out in terms of streets, buildings, public spaces, parks, homes, workplaces, and shopping areas?What planning strategies influenced your vision of a sustainable urban fabric (Buildings, Transportation, Green Infrastructure). How do the chosen strategies support your vision?How does your city reduce social and environmental equity issues?How does your vision work towards the chosen SDGs and to overall sustainability of your city/neighborhood?This section should be approximately 750 words.Section 4: ConclusionWrite one paragraph in which you explain how your envisioned city/neighborhood can be achieved in the near future. Is this actually realistic? If so, what would be required to achieve it? If not, why not?Your conclusion should be approximately 150 wordsFeel free to use GIS, photos, maps, or other creative visual images or techniques to illustrate your point.Support your paper with at least four reputable sources, but only one can be the textbook.Writing GuidelinesCanvas will only accept the following file types: doc, docx, pdfThis is a formal paper, so you need a cover page with the essay title, class name/number, your full name, and the date. You do not need to create an abstract. You must adhere to APA guidelines for academic language, grammar, and citations. Include a separate APA-formatted reference page for all sources.Use Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12.Double space your document.Submit a single document that includes the title page, body of paper, and reference page.Name your document using this format: SOS 111_Warner_Final Essay


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