Attached.Running head: ANALYSIS OF THE INTERVIEW FINDINGSAnalysis of the Interview FindingsNameInstitution1ANALYSIS OF THE INTERVIEW FINDINGS2Analysis of the Interview FindingsThe success of failure of an organization is determined by the type of leader involved andthe leadership styles applied. Though there are different types of leaders in various organizations,not all of them have the qualities of leadership since they bring down every organization thatthey manage (Odumegwu, 2019). However, other leaders can improve the performance and thecondition of an organization despite how poor its performance was previously. This aspect isevidenced in all types of organizations, including the ones in the healthcare industry (Elliot et al.,2017). Based on the interview that was conducted with one of the healthcare organizationalleaders in the country, various aspects of leadership were evidenced. These aspects determinewhy the organization has been growing all through, as it was evidenced through the performanceof the facility. Various aspects have been discussed regarding the interview conducted on ahealthcare facility where some of them include the leadership style applied by the leader, themotivation strategies, successes and challenges, as well as the most effective strategy to use inthe future in relation to the organizational mission and values.Leadership Style Applied By the LeaderAccording to the information obtained in the interview, the healthcare managerinterviewed displays several types of leadership styles. These leadership styles are evidenced byhow the manager leads the employees under various circumstances. However, some of theleadership styles that seem to be well manifested are the democratic and transformationalleadership styles.Democratic Leadership StyleDemocratic leadership style is the style of leadership in which the leader shares variousideas with his or her followers to get opinions from them. The method is also known asANALYSIS OF THE INTERVIEW FINDINGS3participative leadership because all the employees take part in giving ideas that contribute to thegrowth and development of the organization (Odumegwu, 2019). The interviewed healthcareorganization manager has illustrated the aspect of democratic leadership style in different areasaccording to his response to the interview. For example, in response to the interview questionregarding the achievement that the leader has made in the organization, the leader indicated thathe had made several achievements due to his involvement of the employees in developingvarious ideas. The leader stated that he looks for the most appropriate idea from the opinionsgiven by the employees to develop the organization.Transformational LeadershipBased on the information that the leader provided during the interview, the aspect oftransformation leadership is well evidenced. Transformational leadership involves the conditionin which the leader applies different strategies to transform the organization from its previousstate to a more improved one (Giddens, 2018). The leader argued that he has significantlychanged the condition of the organization and its culture. For example, in response to how theleader improves the quality of services provided within the facility, the leader indicated that hehad introduced a suggestion box and notice board to the facility as a way of identifying thechallenges that the patients and the employees are experiencing. Besides, he has increased thenumber of beds from 40 to 400 and…


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