Please view explanation and answer below.1Quality Medical TerminologyName:Course Title:Instructor:October 28th, 20222IntroductionQuality improvement makes reference to the structures that are used to thoroughly improve howtheir patients are going to be cared for. There are some of the characteristics in the procedures.There are several characteristics in the procedures and they should be:i.Measuredii.Analysisiii.Improvediv.Controlled.There is need to note that the quality improvement plan that is comprehensive in the work plan iswhat is used for the clinical and service quality improvement activities in the healthcareorganizations. Additionally, the executive prepares the Quality Improvement plan, and theirclinical leadership in the many organizations that can be approved by the Board of Directors asthe governing body. There is a road map that is meant to aid in the Quality Improvement Plan inall the quality activities that includes the clinical and operational activities. The QualityImprovement Plan has grown out of an evaluation in the previous year’s. The qualityimprovement activities, significance in the organization, and the program regulatoryrequirements. Some of the quality improvement entails the efforts that can be achievedconsistently and the predictable interaction outcomes. The outcomes are meant to reduce thevariations in the measures and on the effects of all the cycles for both patients and the medicalcare framework and association. They supported the achievement of quality improvement thatnecessitates the accountability of the entire organization that is particularly from a high-leveladministration.3Quality Control and Quality AssuranceBroadhurst et al (2018), refer to quality assurance and quality control serve as an importantfunction in auditing, safety, and inspection. They are in a position to assist in being in a positionto ensure that there is a program that is being implemented by them effectively and that there areappropriate actions that should be taken. It is important to note that quality assurance and qualitycontrol are the major quality systems and have components in quality management. QualityAssurance is a management strategy used to prevent quality control issues in services, goods, andproducts before they are developed and distributed by ensuring systematic planning and takingcalculated actions. Quality control is a procedure or set of procedures designed to ensure that amanufactured product or service meets a predefined set of quality criteria or meets the needs ofthe client or customer (Rouse,2015).Quality control is most commonly used in manufacturing. Quality control activities in health caretypically refer to equipment maintenance and calibration. Quality control detects flaws. Qualityassurance is a method of avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customersby preventing mistakes and defects in manufactured products. Defects are unsatisfactory ordefective outputs from received service in service organizations such as healthcare (Spath &Kelly,2017).Quality control and assurance help to improve quali…


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