View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.Paper OutlineInvestigative Report AssignmentThe paper contains investigative report assignment about two grant information data reservoirs:one public,, and the other private, Candid, designed to inform organizations aboutacquiring grant money. The paper is structured into six parts.Part oneExplains what the reports was about, hence answering the question (What is it?) in theassignment.Part twoGives the directions why to get the reports about the topic, hence answering the question ( Wheredo I find it?)Part threeExplains why the two grant information exits, hence answering the question (Why does it exist?)Part fourExplains and give the concern authority and the sponsors, the organizations gets its money.Hence it answers the question (Who authorized or sponsored it?)Part fiveThe part contains explanations about the ways of obtaining the data about the Federal Registerand Foundation Center on grants. The explanations will answer the question (And how do Iaccess the data from it?Part sixSummary and my point of viewReferenceView attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.1Investigative Report AssignmentStudent’s nameInstitutional affiliationCourse nameProfessor’s nameDate2Investigative Report AssignmentIntroductionOrganizations that want to carry out various social projects in different environmentalsettings to address a wide range of issues need grant financing to do it successfully. Bothgovernmental and private organizations may be approached for financial support to implementthese projects. Most of the time, public funding is awarded via government entities or other localagencies and institutions. In contrast, the majority of private financing is contributed through firmsor organizations that are privately owned. When requesting public funds, the procedure may bemore stringent, and it may even take a significant amount of time to complete the application.Although private funds may take a bit more time to acquire since they may serve a particulargeographic area or demographic and impose constraints on contributing, they may have a lessstringent application procedure. In this report, we will discuss what public funds are,why they exist, who authorized or sponsored them, and how to access their data.What is it?The funds are a component within the President’s Management project implementation office was formally founded in the year 2002. The office ofManagement and Budget directs and control the e-government activities and nonprofitorganization such, which is run by the Department of Health and Human Services(Grant programs, 2021). Because within the part Management Agenda of the President, the agencywas tasked to develop a system that would offer grant applicants a centralized place to search forand apply for possibilities to receive government financing. This program was designed to makeinteracting with federal grant agencies simpler, more efficient, and less expensive for applicants.3From Monday-Friday, the Office of the Federal Register under the National Archives andRecords Administration (NARA) releases a new edition of the Federal Register, which serves asthe official daily journal of the United States federal government (OFR). The following may befound in the Federal Register: Regulations imposed by the federal agency, notices of ProposedRules, and ot…


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