HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #1 – DUE by Tuesday 6/28 no later than 11:00pm – worth up to 60 pointsThe focus of this assignment is on the following areas: 1) Nature vs Nurture (Chp 2), and 2) Socialization (Chp 3).When considering the questions below, be certain to incorporate textbook material, lecture, and videos and/or articles found under the Course Materials tab. You should demonstrate an understanding of these topics by weaving a story, including real-life examples to further demonstrate knowledge and understanding of these topics. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE; doing so will result in a score of zero for the assignment. If using sources, you MUST cite and reference them using APA. Citations and references must be done correctly or points will be taken off. Please see the APA Publication Manual tab for examples of how to cite and reference.When writing college papers, you are expected to include both proper introductory and concluding paragraphs. Additionally, take note that even though the second topic is about you, the overuse of personal pronouns (that is, “me”, “my”, “myself”, “I”) is HIGHLY discouraged. Please go to Assignments – Helpful Tips tab for an example. I encourage everyone to take your time and to turn in assignments that are college level work. The assignment is worth up to 60 points, thus, it’s highly recommended to take it seriously.You will turn in your assignment through Blackboard. Your responses should not be typed in the column marked “Comments”. DO NOT email homework assignments. Your responses should be single spaced and should follow the guidelines outlined below. Be certain to include your name, SOCY 101, and the assignment name/number (e.g., Homework #1).When submitting all assignments, you must check the box that says… ”I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database”. Failing to check the box means it does not get graded.QUESTIONS:1) When considering the Nature vs Nurture debate, explain and discuss both of these viewpoints, provide an original example of each side that is not discussed in our book or in lecture and not taken from the internet (yes, I check). Then, present an argument in favor of either Nature or Nurture (but not both) and how it determines one’s development as related to sociology. Be sure to back up and support your argument with “evidence” that you did not use in answering the first part of the question.The total response to #1 should be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 750 words, SINGLE SPACED. (500 words is typically one full single spaced page).2) What is socialization? Define and explain it. Consider how you were socialized by effectively engaging in critical thinking by discussing some of the following; culture, race, gender, sex, socioeconomic status, disability, or other relevant areas as it relates to the role of socialization in your life. Your understanding of the roles and how they may intersect should be supported by providing real-life examples. Be certain to incorporate concepts, terms, and topics by using the textbook, lecture and any videos or articles found under Course Materials. Even if there are unpleasant experiences discussed, honesty will not be penalized. We don’t grow as humans if not honest with oneself and with others.The total response to #2 should be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 750 words, SINGLE SPACED.If writing skills are not a strength, remember that there is help available through the Learning Commons at FCC. They are available and awesome to work with so please do not feel embarassed. Not all of us made it out of high school as skilled writers. Please reach out to them. It is a free service to all students.If you have questions reach out to me. Do NOT wait until the last minute, however, to begin your homework assignments or for reaching out. Start early!


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