Christianity Written ReportBackground InformationWhen studying the different religions of the world we tend of focus on the distinctions between these religionsand understanding what makes them unique, however it is important to note that although these religions aredistinct and unique in their own way, there are common themes and structures that can be applied to them.Some of the common elements present in the different religions that we will be studying this semester are:– Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Writingso Divinely inspired writings that contain origins of the religion, essential beliefs, and majorteachings. Some religions also revere writings of prominent figures throughout their historywho have contributed to expounding the theology of the religion (ex: writings of theChristian saints)– Beliefs and Practiceso Tenets of the religion that unify its community of believers on a variety of topics rangingfrom their relationship with the divine, soteriology, creation, eschatology, anthropology, etc.– Prayer and Worshipo Liturgical practices that believers of the faith participate in throughout their daily lives. Someliturgical practices and rituals of prayer are performed in conjunction with the celebration ofreligious festivals at particular times of the week (ex: Sabbath) or times of the year (ex:Christmas)– Morality – Code of Ethicso Guiding principles that adherents of the faith abide by throughout their lives informed by thetheology of the religion– Historyo Understanding how the religion was established and the advances of the religion throughouthuman history that shape the global image of the religion today while also recognizingchanges in theology that have occurred throughout history due to major historical eventsReport InstructionsIn your readings of Chapter 1 – Beginning Your Study of World Religions and Chapter 11 – EncounteringChristianity: The Way of Jesus Christ you have gained a better understanding of what a religion is and how it isclassified as well as the various aspects of a religion and you have seen how those aspects of a religion areunderstood in light of Christianity. You will now use the information gleaned in these chapters to expand uponparticular elements of Christianity enumerated below:1. Christian Symbols – ½ pagea. Identify and a common Christian symbol and explain its significancei.Consider the following:1. History/Origins of the symbol2. Important religious figure(s) associated with the symbol and their involvementwith it3. How the symbol is utilized by Christians today?a. Is it used during prayer/worship?b. Worn as an outward sign of faith?2. Sacred Scriptures – ½ pagea. Describe the Christian Sacred Scriptures and expound upon they are used in the life of theChurch today3. Beliefs and Practices – ½ pagea. Articulate a central tenet of Christianity that involves one of the following categories:i. Creationii. Soteriology – Salvation and Redemptioniii. Sufferingiv. Metaphysical beings – God and the divinev. Eschatology1. Death and the afterlife4. Prayer and Worship – ½ pagea. Discuss the Christian notion of prayer and worship while addressing the importance of goingto going to church and attending mass5. Morality – Code of Ethics – ½ pagea. Convey a Christian moral teaching based on one of the following:i. Sin and Forgivenessii. Virtuesiii. Freedom and Free williv. Treatment of the marginalized in societyv. How Christians conduct themselves in accordance with the laws of faith?6. Christianity in Context – ½ page or morea. Select one of the principles of Christianity that you have written about in this report insections 1 – 5 and explain why you think it is important to be cognizant of this tenant of faithwhen caring for Christians in your line of work.i. You may share a personal experience that you may have had with a Christian in yourline of work based on this tenant of faith or how you think having a betterunderstanding of this particular faith principle will shape your future interactions withChristians in your line of workFormatting GuidelinesWhen completing this written report, the following guidelines must be followed. Failure to do so will result inpoints being deducted from your grade:a.This report must be typed in 12pt. font, double-spaced, & Times New Romanb. Each section of the report must:a. Include Section Title on a separate linei. Ex: Christian Symbols, Christianity in Context, etc.b. Be at least ½ page in lengthc. Incorporate at least 1 direct quotation from either the course text (World RELG4:Introduction to World Religions) or one of the databases/encyclopedias available When citing your sources, you must use Chicago Manuel Style


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