I attached what I wrote before, but I was told this doesn’t really talk about me or why medicine? and that I don’t need to include mrs roberts account, now need to talk about racism or all but rather I need to portray positivity more, and talk about quailites within the army that make me stand out, like how the army thought me teamwork n unity and how i can use that in medicine. or relate it to medcinine. I want do cardiology as my specialty so maybe include that somewhere too. And technically change my whole personal,l statement.I have done certain acvties in terms of community service, volunteering shadowing, etc that might be helpful. But I am not sure how to write this personal statement. So please helppp!! I do want to include how me being a Muslim doctor in the US Army can promote diversity and all. But I am not sure how to write that. Also I don’t know how to start this personal statement, i was told not to start it with any quote so please write me a brand new one. (cant be more then 5000 character with space) if you need more information let me know.– medical assistant job descritpion-Throughout my tenure as a medical assistant, I have had the privilege to interact with patients from a variety of backgrounds. Each patient I encountered has presented with unique emotional states and experiences and during my assessment of their vital signs I made a point to engage them in conversation, offering them a supportive and welcoming environment to share their concerns. Through these interactions, I came to recognize that many patients face significant challenges in their lives that can adversely affect their health. I spoke with nursing home patients who have faced difficult and uncompassionate treatment and by simply listening to their experiences I offered them comfort and support that they might not have found elsewhere. On occasion, I encountered patients who had lost hope and given up on their health. In one instance, a particular patient who was a smoker and suffered from heart disease expressed a fatalistic view that there was no point in quitting smoking as death could come in at any moment. However, I was able to provide her with a different perspective, highlighting that hope was still within her heart and how her presence in our office demonstrated her willingness to fight for her health. By changing her perspective, I was able to inspire her to make a positive change and within a few weeks, she had dramatically reduced her smoking habit. I take pride in knowing that my words and support have made a tangible difference in the lives of many patients. There have been numerous other occasions where my role in the medical system has contributed significantly to improving the attitudes and emotional states of patients. These experiences have cultivated within me a greater empathy, attentiveness, and compassion toward the needs and struggles of patients. It has also honed my communication and leadership skills solidifying my commitment to pursuing a career in medicine.Army experience-As a female Muslim American soldier in the US Army, I have proudly served my country with a steadfast commitment to upholding the values of freedom and equality. Through my service, I have worked tirelessly to break down barriers and challenge the notion that discrimination has any place in our society. I have taken it upon myself to dispel harmful stereotypes and stigmas that may exist about Muslim females and their place in the military. One instance stands out when I stood in front of my entire unit, including a full-bird colonel, and shared insights about my religion, educating and changing perceptions for the better. My service is a testament to the power of diversity and the strength that it brings to our military. Through my actions and words, I have demonstrated that everyone, regardless of their background or identity, deserved respect and dignity. I am proud of the meaningful impact I have made on those around me and am committed to continuing to fight for a world where equality and justice prevail.Volunteer –As a volunteer at the emergency department, I witnessed and appreciated the strength of human resilience in the face of challenges. In addition to preparing beds, distributing water, and providing support to patients, I offered solace to them and their loved ones. I distinctly recall a patient who, during a moment of distress, found comfort in my words. This encounter revealed to me the potential for physicians to address both physical and emotional pain through actions and words. The experience reinforced my determination to pursue medicine to attend to patients’ holistic needs.


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