I. IntroductionYour diet is influenced by forces and circumstances that are very different from other adults. You are college students. In your introduction weave the following questions into a paragraph or two that establishes the background and context under which you eat.How available is food? How abundant is the food you select?What do the foods cost you?How often are you provided a meal?Who plans your meals? Who prepares your meals?Are you forced to eat specific foods or is your food selection flexible?Why nutrition is important to you or is it not?What does this report represent? – In this paper, I report my analysis of my food selection over a 3-day period during —– through ——Overall Diet Pattern: How Healthful is Your Diet? Talk about your eating patternsIs the 3-day period typical for your diet? If not, how is it different and why?How does your diet vary between weekdays and weekends?How often do you skip meals and what is the impact on the overall quality of your diet?Discuss factors that influenced your food selections on the weekend? On weekdaysII. Healthfulness of Your DietUse and refer to the unit readings (by amount or %), appropriate guidelines, and the reports from MyFitnessPal to assess your overall diet patterns. This section includes an analysis of your overall diet. Use the following section titled “Action Plan” to discuss how you will remedy the deficiencies and excesses in your diet.This section should include:Adequacy – Evaluate your diet in terms of meeting your daily requirements for:1) The three macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and their related elements; i.e. fats—poly and mono-unsaturated, saturated, trans, cholesterol, and the remaining micro-nutrients (16 given in the MyFitnessPal app)Moderation – Evaluate your diet in terms of the Dietary Guidelines for excess intakes of:1) saturated fat 2) sodium 3) sugar 4) cholesterol 5) trans fat 6) protein – intakes > 2 g protein per kg body weight is considered excessive.Balance – Evaluate the balance in terms of…1) Proportion of total calories from carbohydrate, fat, and protein sources2) Distribution of foods into food groups as recommended by your textbook*A food group is considered inadequate if it falls below 75% of the recommended intake.A comparison of your diet food group consumption to the textbook reference of My Plate — if your diet is short in certain food groups, be sure to state the number of servings you are short and why you think you came up short.Variety – examine the variety of foods within each food group that you selected. For example, how many different types of vegetables did you eat? How many different grains did you eat? Color is another quick snapshot of the variety of foods you eat – yellow, green, blue vegetables all have different nutrient profiles.III. Action PlanIn the “Healthfulness of Your Diet” section, you indicated the strengths and weaknesses in your diet. For this section, address how you specifically will change your diet to correct deficiencies & excesses of the nutrients, you identified above.Be sure your action plan includes:Specific foods/food groups – For example, if you are low in fiber, indicate which foods are available and the ones that you prefer that will help you make a conscious effort to include them in the future.Be sure to also address…Do you need a multivitamin or mineral supplement? Provide evidence.An assessment of your diet in terms of cardiovascular disease risk (calories, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, dietary cholesterol, sugar, fiber, and exercise). Given your current diet and your family history of chronic disease (cancer, CVD, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity), are there specific changes you would make in the future?IV. Conclusion & SummaryBriefly summarize the key findings from your diet analysis. What did you learn about your diet from this assignment? Is there any area from your dietary analysis that you are concerned about? If so, how do you plan to resolve them?Appendices: Include reports that you used and referenced throughout your paper. Include:You will include the “Printable Diary” of the three days (food/liquid intake and exercise)These printed pages will consist of the designated 5 nutrients: Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein, Sugar, Sodium and/or FiberTextbook Support: Nutrition & You by Joan Salge Blake, 4th or 5th ed.


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