I need 2(100)word responses to the following discussion postsDP#1: We as the United States are in trying times right now. Not to say that the rest of the world isn’t, but in my opinion, you need to be selfish when it comes to your own country. Like they tell you on the airlines, put your oxygen mask on before you help anyone else do theirs. The current population of the United States of America is 334,739,370 as of Tuesday, June 7, 2022 (Worldometer, n.d.). We have a lot of people to account for and to make sure are taken care of. An estimated 9.6% of U.S. residents, or 31.1 million people, lacked health insurance when surveyed in the first six months of 2021(AHA News, 2021). I am one that believes that healthcare should be a right and not something that necessarily has to be earned. We all didn’t ask to be brough onto this earth, and we sure didn’t ask for health problems that may come with it. With that being said, we are all here and we all have bodies that we need to have functioning to live a happy and healthy life. Even though I believe we should all have healthcare available no matter who we are, sometimes the finances don’t allow for that. We are a country in trillions upon trillions of dollars in debt, and I don’t think at this time we can offer to do that for everyone. It seems sad and unfair, but it is the harsh truth. We do not have the economic capability to make that law and a fundamental right of the American people at this time.CDC reports on uninsured in first six months of 2021: AHA News. American Hospital Association | AHA News. (2021, November 17). Retrieved June 7, 2022, from https://ift.tt/ue4nz2B States population (live). Worldometer. (n.d.). Retrieved June 7, 2022, from https://ift.tt/SJgxm2k I am currently visiting a foriegn country, and I have met a new friend who works in healthcare just like me. We have begun discussing the differences in our countries’ healthcare systems. Here, universal healthcare is the legal norm. I started explaining that healthcare is not a fundamental right, and this person was surprised and wanted to learn more about healthcare in the United States. I said that “access to healthcare in the US is mediated by insurance coverage, either in the form of private or employer based coverage [and that] the majority of spending on healthcare however, comes from government expenditure on health programs” (Maruthappu, Ologunde, & Gunarajasingam, 2012). Access to healthcare in the United States is distributed on the ability of one to pay and the resources available rather than the necessity for care. While most people are covered by federal, state, or employer health insurance, many still remain uninsured. There are many ethical, judicial, and financial tensions behind the idea of healthcare as a right. It is difficult to find necessary resources for healthcare to be accounted for and distributed equally to all members of society, so those who have a way to compensate for their care have access.ReferenceMaruthappu, M., Ologunde, R., & Gunarajasingam, A. (2012, February 5). Is healthcare a right? health reforms in the USA and their impact upon the concept of care. Annals of Medicine and Surgery. Retrieved June 5, 2022, from https://ift.tt/wvt7DaV PMC4326121/The original assignment: Differences in Healthcare SystemsChoose one (1) of the following discussion prompts;Prompt 1:Imagine you are traveling in a country where Universal Healthcare is the legal norm, and your discussion with a citizen of that country turns to the topic of your countries’ respective health systems. When asked, how do you account for the fact that healthcare is NOT a fundamental right rooted in American Law?Support your responses with academic resources.Prompt 2:In the United States we spend more money per capita on healthcare than any other industrialized nation. Yet, many of our public health outcomes measure significantly worse than these other countries. Why? Does it matter? Would you be better served living and receiving your healthcare services in another country? Choose one country to compare with the United States.Support your responses with academic resources.


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