I need a reply for this discussion postHello class,Among the major theories of international relations, Realism is the most accurate theory. It asserts that states are the main actors in international politics. Their strategy is to maintain their power and survival by applying a “realist logic”. In other words, their main concern is their own self-interests rather than the interests of other states or societies. Realists believe that states will act in their own self-interest and as a result, they are most accurate in describing the world. In fact, one can see this in events such as the Syrian civil war and the rise of ISIS, which are perfect examples of how the theory is being applied. This theory accurately describes the world because there are so many current examples that can be used to support it. A recent example would be how North Korea has acted recently-the country has threatened nuclear war with South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Similarly, Russia’s invasion of Crimea and Ukraine in 2014 was motivated by its desire to gain power and influence in Eastern Europe. States are constantly competing for power and influence as a result of their nature. The structure of the international system is made up of a hierarchy, which means that some states have more power than others. In the context of current events, this is evident clearly: for instance, Russia actively manipulates social media and hacks computers in order to influence elections in the United States and Europe. These strategies were designed to expand their own power and influence over these countries, while also weakening them, so they can continue to enlarge their territory without interference from others who might otherwise try to stop them. A realist viewpoint further states that humans have a natural propensity towards doing this anyway and that even if we do not think about it as much as we should (because we are too busy trying to avoid being hit by a car while walking on a street), it still impacts our behavior subconsciously in every aspect of our lives every day. Another example of realism in action is the conflict in Syria. While the conflict began as a domestic uprising against the Syrian regime, it soon developed into a proxy war between regional and global powers. In the conflict, each state is pursuing its own national interests, ignoring those of other states. Russia, for instance, is supporting the Assad regime mainly because it hopes to maintain its influence in the region and prevent ISIS from securing a foothold in the country. In contrast, the United States is supporting rebel groups as part of an initiative to topple the Assad regime as well as degrade the capabilities of ISIS. A good example of realism is the rise of ISIS. The territory of Iraq and Syria has been seized by terrorist organization ISIS. Violent in nature, the group has perpetrated numerous attacks across the Middle East and abroad, including in France and Belgium. The threat posed by ISIS to the security of the region and to global order cannot be underestimated. Consequently, states have been forced to act in order to protect their interests. In an effort to weaken ISIS’ capabilities and protect American interests in the region, the United States has conducted airstrikes against ISIS targets in both Iraq and Syria. Among all IR theories, realism is most accurate; it predicts that states will act in their own self-interest in the long run.hELL


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