I will be focusing on the Proposal Requirements of the building a five story office complex project and need a 2 page paper on the Proposal Requirements, which include the Cost
Qualifications/Experience Desired
The purpose of this project, is to develop a Request for Professional Engineering Services as an owner/operator of the project proposal. In this effort, your team will procure engineering services to a project from one of the following possible work assignments in the civil engineering field. Below is some information about the project and I just need to do the Proposal requirements which are the cost, qualifications and experience desired just like mentioned above. I will also provide and example essay of how it should look like, please follow it.
This is some information of the project I just need the Proposal Requirements: Introduction ASB Inc. aims to propose the construction of a modern five-story office building situated in Tempe that will provide a comfortable and productive working environment for businesses of all sizes. Our experienced team of civil engineers will oversee the project from start to finish, ensuring that the building meets all necessary codes and standards. To complete the construction of this office building, we are seeking a qualified firm to assist us.
Due to the population boom in Arizona and the influx of people from other states, there is a growing demand for more job opportunities. Which is why a newly designed office building with ample space for new employees would make an excellent addition to the wonderful city of Tempe. Providing more job opportunities in the city will not only improve overall working conditions but also boost the economy of the surrounding area. Any firm that takes this opportunity would not only benefit from the project but also improve the lives of many people in Tempe.
This RFP will outline the qualifications and planning required for the duration of the project. As part of the planning process, ASB will identify the most critical aspects of the project, including estimated costs, necessary services, and other details required to construct a building of this size. Upon completing this RFP, interested firms will have access to all necessary information about the building and can determine whether their company is capable of undertaking the tasks outlined in the sections below.
Project Description The urban city of tempe has an ongoing need for a five story office building with structural engineering services. ASB Inc. is issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) that seeks service providers capable of providing both engineering and planning services. The purpose of this project is to cater to the increasing demand for office space in Tempe by the public sector. The architect has designed the building with safety, financial capacity, and sustainability in mind. In additional to the structural project there will be a need Scope of Services
The following Scope of Services has been developed for the ASB Inc. five-story office complex development. Goal and Objectives
The project’s goals and objectives are to produce a functional office building that can be used by ASB Inc. as well as other firms who would like to operate out of the space. In order for this goal to be achieved, certain criteria must be met as listed below:
To achieve maximum functionality, the office space shall be constructed in a manner that facilitates productivity by limiting distractions and creating an inviting space that feels comfortable and safe. Constructed in a manner focused on long term durability of the building so teams can work out of the space without having to worry about continual maintenance.
Allows for easy multiple points of access to other floors or other areas throughout the building keeping in mind those who may require certain accommodations. Incorporate spaces for services that allow for the firms to maintain their operability and performance like security and janitorial. Deliverables Products
Project deliverables must be clear, concise, and adhere to applicable federal, state, county, and municipal standards. Electronic copies of deliverables must be submitted to the Project Manager in addition to relevant exhibits and attachments. Electronic submittals must include relevant calculations, drawings, and email correspondence. The following deliverables must be provided in the proposal. Proposals without listed deliverables will not be accepted unless approved by the Project Manager and reviewing parties. At a minimum, a proposal must include:
Project ProspectusProject Timeline…[add here]
Existing and Proposed Conditions AnalysisExisting Conditions Memo Report existing inventory
Report potential conflicts
Proposed Conditions Analysis and ReportAnalyze proposed development and suggest potential alternatives as needed
Legal, topographic, and geological surveying
ADA Compliance Analysis
I will attach an example you can look at and do the proposal requirements:


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