Your assignment is to design a personalized stress management plan. The idea of this stress management plan is to help you come up with solutions for your stress that you feel comfortable with, and you will actually use.
Your grade is based on the completeness of the work, the detail and quality of your responses, and how well you follow the criteria below. Use specific examples when describing your stressors and your solutions to stress. Your answers needs to have sufficient details and information from the course including the textbook and videos, that you demonstrate an understanding of the course material, the ability to critically think, and apply this information to you and your life.
Your paper must meet the following criteria:
Be typed and a minimum of 4 pages in length, not including citation page
Have a 12-point font that is either Arial or Times New Roman
The question must be typed and underlined (single spaced)- your answer (double-spaced) follows
Follows conventions of standard written U.S. English and is free of spelling and grammatical Points will be deducted for the errors.
Run both spell and grammar check
It is suggested that if you have difficulty writing in College English including proper grammar, that you use the virtual tutors at the Writing

Develop a comprehensive stress management plan based on the following:
Identify four major ongoing stressors in your life. For each stressor, describe why it is a stressor for you. You need to discuss a variety of areas such as personality, family situation, lifestyle, self-talk, and/or

For each of your four stressors describe what happens to you when dealing with this What are your specific indicators or symptoms of stress? Your indicators of stress may be physical symptoms, mental/emotional changes, or behavior changes. Include in your answer, how different levels or type of stress has different and /or more stress symptoms. Do you react differently depending on the stressor?

Describe coping techniques that you have tried that did not help you cope with your Explain why each of these techniques did not work for you by giving examples. Include in your examples the circumstances and the reactions of yourself and others. Your answer must include at least 3 techniques.

Choose and explain stress management techniques that can help you cope with each of your four stressors. Do not use the same techniques for each stressor. Your answer must include a least four different coping strategies and the circumstances when you have or plan to use For each stressor take into account:
techniques or lifestyle behaviors that can prevent a stressor from
techniques that can change your thinking about the
ways to calm yourself or change the situation while the stressor is
ways to calm yourself both during and after the stressful situation is

What are your obstacles to success in trying to manage your four stressors, and how can you overcome these obstacles?
New Stress Management Techniques: **You will not actually be going anywhere to try new techniques, but you are researching what you could do if you chose to.

Gather information about where you can go to try two new and different stress management techniques, for example: yoga class, exercise classes, counselor, group meeting, massage, and meditation classes. This should not be something you had tried or are currently doing. It can also be on-line or a video. These techniques must be dissimilar and not a variation of something you are currently doing. (i.e. hot yoga instead of Bikram yoga)
The answer must include the following information
The name of the class/service, place/location, contact information, days and time available, and the
What services are provided?

Explain why you chose this technique and what benefit you plan to get for this technique
The technique does not have to cost
If web based- in addition to answering the question above you also need to include the following information: the sponsoring organization, ease of use, technology needed)
You need to create a citation for this source using APA


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