Information to add
thuisbezorged company provide me with a list with the restaurant to have an interview with them and I went, and I got that information. 
1. Mumbai restaurant: the manger told me that the employees are always early for taking the orders that’s why they must wait for much time, as an example: if the order take a place at 17:10 to be ready, the employee will come at 16:45 so they must wait until the order finishes that’s why they are always wait. and the restaurant can’t make the food earlier of course because the food will be cold, and the customer will contact the restaurant as the only reason that the food is not good not the employee. 
2. ora pizza: the manager told me if the order takes a place directly it will not get so much time but if it’s not directly, they will take much time to make the food after they receive the order so that the employee stays there for long time, however thy are not working with thuisbezorged anymore because they cost them more money and more time as well. and they have a scarcity of worker due to the conditions of the weather. 
3. dozo restaurant: the manager told me that the restaurant must wait until the ticket arrives from thuisbezorged company, because the order goes to thuisbezorged first, sometimes when the order takes a place at 14:30 the employee comes at 16:00 and maybe later. therefore, the customers always get back to the restaurant itself. and at this moment there are not enough employees. 
4. nos kultra: the manager told me that they are very busy, and they prefer to not work with thuisbezorged anymore. they will deliver by themselves because that is better for them for not wasting time and money. 
5. ohana poke sushi: they are busy, and the reason like dozo restaurant. 
6. nero restaurant is like mumbai they always come before the order. 
7. la scala res: they ae busy and like dozo and mumbai. 
8. de mandarijn res : they prefer uber eats because they are on time always. 
9. toko kediri: like dozo, mumbai. 
· I want you to add what you see above in individual interviews section: and I want from you to make it like a discussion like the research all together, you will explain the results of the interviews in terms of percentage, and try to put subcategories, like 2 or 3 restaurants under inefficiency system. (dozo, la scala, toko, etc…)
1. (You have to fix the central question first) ‘How’ question is often too broad. Make it something like what strategies does Thuisbezorgd have in order to….
Go back to the research itself to understand what I mean.
And add these missing sections in the research:
1. preface
2. executive summary
3. Add any more info in the literature review& theoretical framework with any graph related to what you added.
4. Data analysis and findings (desk research)
5. Data collection methods
6. Field research
7. If you can use chi-square test
8. Time planning
9. Conclusion
10. Recommendations
11. Appendix
12. Work cited


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