In this class it is important that you make a unique point about your topic. We aren’t even close to doing that yet, as we are just beginning to gather our sources for the annotated bib. However, it is important you note that your topic will be with you all semester. Pick something that you are interested in! If you’ve ever thought, I’d like to know more about something, this is your chance to pursue that.
Brainstorm about your potential topic:
1. What about it interests you, and what will get other people interested?
2. In what way is your project unique? This may be hard to answer without doing the research, but I would like you to have some idea of how you plan to make an original approach into the topic. This means, how is your topic going to make a point that is different than the research you’re conducting?
3. Come up with a potential thesis statement: The thesis statement should describe what your entire paper will be about. (Your thesis will change as we move forward).
One page double spaced as always!
Annotated Bibliography Assignment Sheet
Annotated bibliographies can help you organize your research, consider how your sources work
together or conflict with each other, and evaluate the usefulness and credibility of your sources.
Annotated bibliographies are a common academic genre you’ll probably be expected to use
throughout your academic career. An annotated bibliography entry has two parts: A
bibliographic citation of a source (like you would have in a works cited) and an annotation that
summarizes and/or evaluates the source, plus talks about how you plan to use the source in your
larger paper.
Purpose: In this unit, you will practice scholarly research, learn more about your research topic
and the current scholarship surrounding it, and gather and evaluate sources. An effective
annotated bibliography will help you organize, summarize, and evaluate sources for easy access
Audience: This assignment should be directed at your scholarly peers, and you may assume that
they have only a casual familiarity with your topic or issue.
Conventions: Your annotated bibliography should include the sources you find most relevant to
your research question. Ideally, these will be sources you cite in your final research essay. This is
why it is important to develop a narrow topic early.
An annotated bibliography entry has two main parts:
1. An MLA citation. Your citations should be organized in alphabetical order by
author and followed immediately by an annotation.
2. An annotation for each source cited. Annotations should:
1. Describe: What type of source is it (book, journal article, website, etc.)?
2. Summarize: What is the author’s main argument? What is their purpose?
3. Evaluate: How does the source relate to your research question? Why is
the source interesting or useful? What did it contribute to your
understanding of the topic?
 At this point, your annotated bibliography needs to include a solid start to investigating
research in your area. What do you think a good number of sources are to show detailed
research into a specific area?
5 sources for the first submission!
 All of the sources in your annotated bibliography should be scholarly. Do not use a
website as a source! You must use sources from JSTOR or Academic Search Ultimate. If
you want to use different databases through the library, you can, but you need to email
me first.
 Sources should relate to your research question
 Your essay and citations should be formatted correctly according to MLA or another
style of your choice
 Sources in alphabetical order according to author
 Annotations should be concise, thoughtful, and descriptive
 You should utilize correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling throughout
 About 6 -7 sentences, one paragraph!


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