Infectious Disease ProjectTopicFor your final essay, you will be preparing a persuasive response to the following question:In a world where we each have the autonomy to decide what we do with our own bodies including the decision to treat a specific illness, take a vaccine or opt for physician-assisted suicide. How do we persuade others to prevent future incidents of disease (caused by your pathogen) and mitigate current infections of your pathogen?Just like right now with the pandemic, people are going to be divided on the idea of persuasion to do something versus something else. In a good persuasive essay, the writer will anticipate reasons a person might give against your recommendation and ward those off in the essay.Essay Instructions1. Use what you have learned this semester about your pathogen to help write your response. You should be able to provide significant support to your work with the information you have studied about your pathogen – You are the “expert” on your selected topic.2. The essay must be at least three pages (of content) – double-spaced with 1” margins. You must provide a title page and reference page – five pages total.3. The essay should be in APA format. For more help on formatting in APA, go to the OWL APA Formatting Guide Webpage.• Page 1→Title page – Name, Date, Institution, Intructor and Course Name/Number• Pages 2 – 4→Three pages of content• Page 4→Works Cited page should be setup according to the APA guidelines and include aminimum of five peer-reviewed journal articles to support your work.Your essay should include an introduction or background on the pathogen (enough to support your reasonswhy this is necessary); at least THREE arguments to support your work; address an opposing viewpoint; and aconclusion paragraph.
4. If it is one minute after, it will not be graded and you will get a zero (no excuses, no debates).5. *REMINDER* Peer-reviewed sources must be from academic journals – no wikis, encyclopedias, magazines, etc.6. The essay will be checked by the SafeAssign software for plagiarism – be sure to cite your sources. If you directly quote another author – these are not your words and should be cited accordingly. I highly recommend that you review your SafeAssign score and Originality Report. If your score is ≥40 – 50% and you have a bunch of direct citations, you need to adjust your essay and resubmit the assignment.• It is okay to have direct quotes if they are cited appropriately.• It is NOT okay to compile an endless series of direct quotes as an essay.7. Essay should be prepared using Microsoft Word. You all of access to the Office Suite using the studentportal.8. Rubric – you should review the grading rubric prior to submitting your essay to ensure that you meetthe minimum requirements for the assignment and prevent careless errors and loss of points.


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