IntroductionIn your work as a school counselor, you will implement lessons in classrooms and small groups that will help to drive the annual student outcome goals that you determined for your yearly program plan. These lessons will address the needs that you identified from the school data to determine your yearly program plan. When you facilitate the classroom lesson or small group sessions, you will need to plan the activities as well as practice culturally responsive classroom or small group management. Finally, you will also need to prepare for the pre and post assessment in order to measure the impact of the lesson on the students and collect data.ScenarioYou have worked with your site supervisor to determine the annual student outcome goal that you will focus on. Now you will plan the classroom lesson or small group sessions where you will implement the intervention as well as the pre and post assessment that you selected when you made your goal.InstructionsComplete the Classroom Lesson Plan [DOCX] or Small Group Plan Template [DOCX] with the activities and assessments that support your annual student outcome goal.Choose a Classroom Lesson Plan or a Small Group Plan and download the appropriate template. These templates are based on the standard ASCA forms.Justify why you did or did not make changes or modifications to your annual student outcome goal (from your Week 3 assignment) and lesson objectives based on the feedback you received from your site supervisor and/or faculty.Describe the lesson or small group activities that you have selected to address the student outcome goal. Describe the evidence or research that supports your activities.Explain the lesson components for the classroom lesson or the steps and content for the small group that you will use to teach the lesson.Explain how you will personalize the lesson for diverse students, taking cultural and learning needs into consideration.Describe the strategies and techniques you plan to use for culturally relevant classroom management or small group management.Describe how you administered the pre/post-assessment.For example, you may administer a pre/post assessment using a Google form for high school students. Young students may require a paper/pencil assessment or even a card sort.Pre-test item should be administered before the first lesson or small group.Post-test item should be administered after the lesson or small group.Optional: You may insert an image of your pre/post assessment for this assignment.Additional RequirementsTimes New Roman 12-point font.Choose a Classroom Lesson Plan or a Small Group Plan.Submit only one of the two templates.Address all components of prompt and use the assignment descriiption to structure text.Adhere to the rules of grammar, usage, and mechanics.Please choose one of the templatesAlso, please go off of what else I am attaching. Please let me know if there are questions


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