Journal #10 AssignmentStart AssignmentDue Friday by 11:59pmPoints 20Submitting a file uploadWeek Eleven JournalDirections:Please answer the following questions based on your interpretation and application of the text. Your responses must have content from the textbook included within them to receive full credit. Highlight the concepts you use from the textbook/the lecture.Each response should be at least one paragraph in length (7+ sentences). IN ESSAY FORMAT.Please do not copy directly out of the textbook.Please submit in this in essay format (not one big block of text – you need to have separate paragraphs), and submit this as a Word Document or PDF documentChapter 8: EmotionsThere are two parts to his assignment. Make sure to watch the lecture on chapter 8and review the overview on emotions so you can best answer the following questions.PART ONE: Watch the following videoPART TWO: Answer the following questions.1) Consider the role of reappraisal in the process he describes. Explain the reappraisal process in your own words.2) Why is reappraisal important in managing our emotions?3) This hack isn’t just for marriage (although it was the context he was speaking about). Discuss how you could use this “hack” to help manage conflicts with any of your interpersonal relationships. Give examples.Grading RubricA rubric is a grading guide that contains specific criteria that is used to evaluate student work. The levels of achievement will explain what you will need to do to successfully complete the assignment. You should strive to achieve the highest level.Your journal will be graded using the rubric associated with this assignment. To view the rubric used for grading your contribution to this discussion, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right of this window, then select Show Rubric from the menu.Grading FeedbackYour assignment will be graded within at least 72 hours of submission using the rubric and Assignment Comments feature. Feedback can be viewed on your Grades page.SupportHow to submit an assignment on CanvasRubricJournal Entry RubricJournal Entry RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeApplication of Textbook Concepts within your ResponseWhen answering the questions always tie-in content from the textbook/lecture8 ptsExceptionalGreat understanding of the reading this week and strong application of the content to the discussion question5.33 ptsPromisingGreat start with providing your examples! Next time please be sure to include textbook concepts in your responses so that connections are obvious.4.27 ptsNeeds ImprovementNext time please relate your responses to the reading. The more descriptive you are with your examples, the better.8 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeMinimum Length and Grammar RequirementsAll answers should be at least a paragraph in length for each question (five sentences or more). It should be apparent that you proof-read your work, and you demonstrated basic writing skills (complete sentences and no run-on sentences).4 ptsExceptionalYour examples are well written and you have met the minimum requirements of one paragraph (5+ sentences) for each question.2.4 ptsPromisingYou either need to add more details and lengthen your responses (your responses were too short) and/or improve your writing by proof reading your work.0 ptsNeeds ImprovementMinimum requirements have not been met.4 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeApplication of Personal Examples within your ResponseWhen answering the questions always use specific personal examples8 ptsExceptionalYour personal examples are well described and capture an example of the journal very well.5.33 ptsPromisingGreat start with providing your examples! Next time please be sure to be more descriptive. Your examples are somewhat vague.4.27 ptsNeeds ImprovementNext time please relate your responses with your own experiences. The goal of these journals is to apply what we are learning to our everyday life.8 ptsTotal Points: 20PreviousNext


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