Attached.Running Head: DIALYSIS1DialysisNameInstitutional AffiliationDateDIALYSIS2New practice approach: Managing kidney conditions is evolving, and at some point, itis necessary to abandon old practices and practice the new evidence-based practices afterascertaining their relevance and safety to patients. One of the best examples of a new practiceapproach is the value-based care model that focuses on the care of the patient as a whole whileaiming to cut the overall cost of dialysis. Such an approach is appropriate not only to patients butalso to the healthcare providers and healthcare system whose main aim is the optimum patientoutcome (Becker and Nissenson, 2019).While these models of care may be expensive in the beginning because it involves the useof quite costly technical tools such as innovative catheter cab, it turns out to be cheaper andattributed to an improved dialysis patient outcome in dialysis care facilities (Becker andNissenson, 2019). For instance, the use of innovative catheter cab reduces the chances ofinfections, which minimize complications and hospitalization. In this case, despite beingexpensive, the model focuses on the desired whole patient outcome and the ultimate impact ofthe care. Another new practice approach is the at-home dialysis, where patients can undergodialysis in their homes and remotely monitored by the healthcare team through telehealthadvancement. This practice has a more significant benefit to the patient, the dialysis carefacilities, and the government. The dialysis care facilities can comfortably provide quality, safe,and adequate services to many patients, even those in remote areas, without having them visit thefacility. Similarly, these care models are reliable to become the remote monitor keeps track ofthe patient’s vital signs and alerts in case of abnormality.Intra-professional collaboration: Good, quality, and safe health care results fromefforts from various teams in the health care setting, particularly in managing chronic diseasessuch as chronic kidney failure. Each member of the team plays a significant role that contributesDIALYSIS3to the desired outcome for the patient. Usually, during the period of hospitalization andmanagement, patients are cared for by different healthcare professionals from various fields andsimilar fields with diverse expertise. This is because of the transition of care from primary tosecondary or from one team to another that leads to quality and continuity of care among thepatients in the dialysis care necessitates care from nurse practitioners, nephrology nurse amongother nurses. Excellent collaboration between nurses involved in care is likely to lead to a betteroutcome and reduce cases of near-miss and mistakes during care. Intra-professional collaborationpromotes understanding of each other’s role towards the desired goal and promotes effectivecommunication among nurses throughout their care delivery and dialysis. This clarity of rolesand communication further promotes critical decision making that holds allocating of particularcritical assignment to specific nurses with to care for patients according to their acuity of thepatient’s status.Similarly, there are various positive outcomes not only for patients but also for healthcareprofessionals that are connected to effective intra-professional collaboration in dialysis carefacilities. The intra-professional collaboration can be accomplished through promoting resilientteams and enhancing the collaboration between the new graduates, nurse managers in the dialysiscare facilities, practical nurses, nurse practitioners, among other nursing fields. Intra-professionalcollaboration permits continuity not only of the caregiver but of care, which are the crucialpillars of patient safety and care in the management of chronic diseases such as chronic kidneyfailure.Hea…


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