unit 4 letter to your legislator

unit 4 letter to your legislator
Letter to your legislatorAssignment Directions: Craft a letter to one of your legislators. You may choose to write a letter to your State Senator or House Representative for your district. Keep your letters to legislators that are elected on the Federal level and serve you in Washington, DC. If you do not know who your local senator or representative is, check the resources link for the legislator search linl. In your letter tell your legislator what you think may be effective mechanisms for controlling health care costs. You may wish to review the measures of the Affordable Care Act as a basis for your letter. Point out at least one health cost control measure that you believe this legislator should advocate for in the next legislative year. (For example, you may want to advocate for expanding value based purchasing; or eliminate utilization review procedures for Medicaid; or create disease registries to track chronic illnesses). Your letter should include an introduction, body of one to two paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Write a letter that you would be proud to mail or email your legislator. Do use a letter template or letter format for this assignment. Citations are not needed. Review the information in the Resources folder to find your own state legislator and to review information on how to write a professional letter. This assignment is due on Sunday. It is worth 100 points. This Key Assessment Assignment will evaluate Course Learning Objective 4.

unit 4 mid term assignment

unit 4 mid term assignment
Attached Files: Click here: Mid Term Assignment Table Template.docx (13.922 KB)The mid term assignment analyzes six different health care laws in the US. You will need to use the readings, resources, the lecture, and your own resources to investigate six different health care laws. Download the attached table template.Complete the table by adding six more laws of your own choice. It is best to consider using federal health policy laws. Laws to consider include HIPAA, HITECH, the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, the Balanced Budget Act of 1999, the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) to name a few. There are likely 100 different pieces of legislation that you could choose. Complete all of the columns and rows on the template.Health care leaders need to recognize and understand major legislation that affects the operation of health care organizations. All health care legislation also affects patients. Thus, the need to consider what a piece of legislation is about and how that law affects health care providers, the community, and the patients served. This assignment is worth 150 points. This mid term assignment is due by Sunday.This Key Assessment Assignment evaluates Learning Objective 1


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