Attached. Please let me know if you have any questions or need revisions.Medical Coding #8 Outlinei.Importance of the first objectiveA. The first course’s objective requires medical billers and coders to understand the stepsneeded for proper surgical coding procedures in hospital set-ups when using ICD-10PCS.B. Correct surgical coding requires personnel to follow seven procedural steps.C. Breaking the process into various steps as listed above helps personnel ensure thatevery factor or element associated with the process is effectively addressed.ii.Importance of the second objectiveA. The second objective addresses the need for medical billers and coders to understandE/M codes and services, use the CPT index, and assign CTP codes using the correctprocedures.B. These abilities are essential in healthcare services because they help the billers andcoders eliminate and avoid errors that could lead to delayed, reduced, or failedreimbursement.C. Medical coders should understand the procedures and services associated with theevaluation and management (E/M).D. This understanding helps the coders to draw the appropriate differences among thevarious reimbursement practices associated with the treatment administered to clientsiii.Importance of the third objectiveA. The third course’s objective directs the medical billers and coders to acquire a reliableunderstanding of the skills needed to code with HCPCS.B. It also requires personnel to be conversant with the federal regulations, penalties, andlaws related to various coding compliances.C. The center for Medicaid and Medicare came up with the HCPCS coding regulationsand requirementsD. Medicaid and Medicare are some of the commonest third-party payers in the modernhealth care industryiv.Importance of the fourth objectiveA. The fourth learning objective stresses the necessity of the medical coders and billersto understand the essence of reviewing, analyzing, and auditing medical records.B. Treatment is often a long process with various types of activities.C. These processes help the medical coders and billers to keep the correct documentationfor their respective employers.D. These activities help to avoid coding errors that would eventually lead to claim delaysand denials.v.ReferencesAttached. Please let me know if you have any questions or need revisions.MEDICAL CODING1Medical CodingStudent’s NameInstitutional AffiliationDateMEDICAL CODING2Part 1Recognize different facilities and discuss certification optionsMedical billing and coding refer to a process used in the clinical environments tofacilitate identifying such factors as medical tests, treatments, diagnoses, and procedures locatedin healthcare documentation. In addition, this process involves the patient data’s transcriptioninto certain codes to bill commercial payers and the government for physicians’ reimbursement.To ensure effectiveness in this process’s application, medical billers and coders shouldunderstand the facility types that can employ certain health care personnel and explain thevarious certification options for such personnel. This understanding is essential to the health carepersonnel because it helps one know the abilities and skills they should possess to enhance theirreliability. Legalized institutions or organizations offer certifications following an individual’sexperience in the industry and the target specialization (Martins et al., 2017). Hence,understanding the available certification options also helps the personnel to understand the mostreliable and marketable certification option to suit his focus…


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