Module 1 Discussion Board Assignment (Chapters 1-5)No unread replies.No replies.Based on this week’s module, answer TWO questions from EACH section below (for a total of 10 questions) and post two responses to your classmates’ posts that interest you.Each question must be answered in at least two paragraphs, with a minimum of 4 sentences for each paragraph. Don’t forget to cite your responses and include references using the APA citation method.Important Note: Each question that you answer MUST be cited using the PowerPoint slides shared with you in this module. Reference slide #’s where you found the information. Put the information in YOUR OWN WORDS.Section 1List the advantages of using systems analysis and design techniques in approaching computerized information systems for business.Why is the security of information systems an important consideration in systems development and design?List three roles that a systems analyst is called upon to play. Provide a definition for each one.Explain what is meant by the agile approach.What is the difference between a private cloud and a public cloud?Explain why ERP systems served with a cloud platform might be more affordable to small and medium-sized businesses than traditional ERP installations.What is the cloud development life cycle (CDLC)?What are two ways a programmer can begin to contribute to open-source projects?List two reasons an organization may want its analysts to participate in an open-source community.Section 2What are the three main parts of a use case scenario?What are the four steps in creating use case descriptions?List the types of E-R diagrams.How do an entity, an associative entity, and an attributive entity differ?How can understanding organizational subcultures help in the design of information systems?How can systems analysis team members use Slack to build or reinforce an organizational culture?Section 3What are the five major project fundamentals?List three ways to discover problems or opportunities that might call for a systems solution.List the five criteria for systems project selection.List four criteria for evaluating system hardware.What two main options do organizations have for acquiring or using computer hardware?List five of the many benefits of cloud computing for organizations.List three of the many drawbacks of cloud computing for organizations.What are the benefits of BYOD to an organization?What are the benefits of BYOD to an employee?What are the four main categories of cloud computing?Define tangible costs and tangible benefits. Give an example of each one.Define intangible costs and intangible benefits. Give an example of each one.List four techniques for comparing the costs and benefits of a proposed system.What are the three drawbacks of using the payback method?What is a work breakdown structure (WBS), and when should it be used?List three advantages of using a PERT diagram over a Gantt chart for scheduling systems projects.How does a project manager assess the risk of things going wrong and take that into consideration when planning the time needed to complete a project?Section 4What kinds of information should be sought in interviews?List the five steps in interview preparation.List two popular video-conferencing platforms.What is “Zoom fatigue”? How can you prevent it?Define what is meant by open-ended interview questions. List eight benefits and five drawbacks of using them.When are open-ended questions appropriate for use in interviewing?Define what is meant by closed interview questions. List six benefits and four drawbacks of usingthem.When are closed questions appropriate for use in interviewing?What is a probing question? What is the purpose of using a probing question in interviews?Define what is meant by pyramid structure. When is it useful to employ this structure in interviews?Define what is meant by funnel structure. When is it useful to employ this structure in interviews?Define what is meant by a diamond-shaped structure. When is it useful to employ this structure ininterviews?What are seven elements common to stories told by users in the organization?What are the four reasons users tell stories to analysts?List the situations that warrant the use of JAD in place of personal organization interviews.List the potential benefits of using JAD.List the three potential drawbacks of using JAD as an alternative to personal interviews.What kinds of information is a systems analyst seeking by using questionnaires or surveys?List four situations in which the use of questionnaires is appropriate.What are the two basic question types used on questionnaires?List two reasons a systems analyst would use a closed question on a questionnaire.List two reasons a systems analyst would use an open-ended question on a questionnaire.What are the seven guidelines for choosing a language for a questionnaire?Section 5List four reasons a systems analyst would want to sample data or select representative people to interview.What are the four steps to follow to design a good sample?List the three approaches to complex random sampling,Define what is meant by stratification of samples.What effect does using a greater confidence level have on sample size when sampling attribute data?What overriding variable determines how many people a systems analyst should interview in depth?What are the sources of big data for text analytics that an analyst might use? List them.List four steps to process mining.What is task mining?What sources of data are used in task mining?What are workforce analytics?What five questions about individuals or teams can use of workforce analytics answer?What information about a decision maker does an analyst seek to gain from observation?List five steps to help an analyst observe a decision-maker’s typical activities.List the seven concrete elements of a decision maker’s physical environment that a systems analyst can observe using STROBEIMPORTANT DISCUSSION REQUIREMENTSYou must respond to at least 2 classmates’ posts. The response should be at least 2 paragraphs with a minimum of 4 sentences for each paragraph. Your response must be more than an “I agree” statement; it should elaborate on an aspect of your classmate’s post by exploring it in further detail.This assignment must utilize the APA citation method. The assignment must include in-text citations and references (cite your sources). You must include a references section at the bottom of your post with hyperlinked references to the source(s).Your work will be checked for plagiarism, so quote and cite texts properly.


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