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Individual Report: Template Title Page Executive Summary (250-300 words – not included in the word count) Table of Contents Introduction (Please provide appropriate headings and subheadings. Consider discussing the purpose of the report as well as how you are planning to achieve the purpose. Do not provide specifics of your recommendations here. Summarise the issue.) Body (Please provide appropriate headings and subheadings. Discuss what may have caused the issues based on the current organizational structure and culture. Discuss what organisational culture is and how it affects performance. Also discuss organisational structure including tall structures vs flat structures. You are required to critically analyse advantages and disadvantages of the concepts you discuss. Please support your arguments with academic literature.) Recommendations (Please provide appropriate headings and subheadings. Based on the discussions in the body of the report, provide recommendations on what and how to implement changes to the company. In your recommendations, you must address the issues identified above in terms of organizational culture and structure and provide your proposals to solve them. Use academic references when appropriate.) References • Please use Latrobe-Harvard Style referencing. • Please do not use web sites as your sources. Refer to journal articles, practitioner journal (e.g.: The Economist) and to your reading / text book. It is expected that you will have 5-10 good academic references. Note that the executive summary, title page, table of contents, list of illustrations/tables, references, and appendices are not included in the 2000-word count. Assessment Instructions (MGT1FOM: Individual Report) 1. Please Read the case study. 2. The context of the assessment; a. You are a management consultant b. Your client is M & D IT Pvt Ltd (MDIT) c. You will analyse the information presented in the case study. d. You will present your analysis along with recommendations in a report. 3. Preparing the report; a. Prepare the format suitable for the purpose. Use the template provided as a guide. i. Linespacing 1.5 or 2 ii. Include a table of contents. iii. Use meaningful headings and subheadings b. Analysing the issues; i. Identify the existing structure by analyzing the information given in the case study of how the organization has been set up. ii. Consider the structural issues associated with the organisation. (What are the characteristics of existing structure and what are the disadvantages of such structure) iii. Consider the cultural issues associated with the organisation. (Use the Competing values framework in your analysis) c. Provide a discussion of the issues identified i. Relate these issues to the theories and concepts you learnt. ii. Provide references where necessary. d. Provide recommendations i. Good recommendations are specific and actionable. Note that the executive summary, title page, table of contents, list of illustrations/tables, references, and appendices are not included in the 2000-word count. Individual Report: Case Study M & D IT Pvt Ltd (MDIT) is a medium size IT company based in Melbourne. They have 120 employees. Their main business areas are; 1. IT infrastructure implementation 2. IT support 3. Cyber security consulting MDIT has a hierarchical organizational structure with three departments specialised in the above three business areas. In addition, they have following departments providing support services to the company; 1. Accounting and Finance Department 2. Human Resource Department 3. Sales Department MDIT mainly serves business clientele. They have a loyal customer base; however, as of recent some customers were not happy with the company as MDIT was not able to meet the service levels agreed with the customers. In addition, MDIT business growth has been well below the industry growth. Ian Murray and Jenny Darling are the co-owners of the company and they have built this company during the past 20 years. They have hired you as a business consultant to help them grow their business as well improve customer satisfaction. Ian has recently conducted an employee survey and has provided you with the results. Some of the employee comments are given below; “We do not have enough staff to do the work.” “We have too many managers and assistant managers. We do not have enough people to do the job” “Decision making process in the company takes too long. Too much paper work and too many approvals to get – to implement any thing around here” “People are working in silos; nobody wants to help other departments even though we are all in the same industry” “It is about the culture of this company. We cannot attract new recruits. Even the ones we recruit, do not stay with us for long” “There is too much red tape and hierarchy. We can do so much better, if we collaborate” You are required to present a report to Ian and Jenny with your recommendations. In your analysis, you are required to consider “Competing values framework” and Organisation structures. Your recommendations should include cultural changes and structural changes to the organisation.


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